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Dear Littleton Retreat Members, Thank you so much for supporting Soaring Hawk these past few years! I closed for COVID a year ago and have now decided to start a new chapter at the Center.

The property is going on the market this week. If you know any motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to share healing and light with the Littleton community, let them know about this opportunity :). I'll keep this Meetup live until a suitable buyer is found.

Stay safe and be well!!

Best, Gia

This is group for people who want to slow down their lives, contemplate the now, and breath deeply. We plan to create day-long retreats at the Soaring Hawk Meditation Center that focus on healing while having fun.

Some ideas for future events include:

• Day of Art (art therapy, crafts, flower arranging...)

• Day of Music (jam sessions, live music, sound healing...)

• Day of Silence

• Day of Dance (ecstatic, line dancing, barn dancing...)

• Day of Metaphysics

• Day of Healing

• Day of Community Building (find a local cause to rally around and do some work for)

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Fall Open House

Soaring Hawk Meditation Center

Day of Silence

Soaring Hawk Meditation Center

Day of Art & Healing

Soaring Hawk Meditation Center

Day of Healing

Soaring Hawk Meditation Center


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