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Welcome to my Psychological & Spiritual Training series. “Strength perfected in weakness…”. These words spoken by Christ to the Apostle Paul I believe sums up the direction and underpinning of these trainings. If you are seeking to gain motivation, deeper insight into self and God, new ways to cope with troubles of life then this series is for you. Are you tired of cliché’ and responses to hard questions about suffering, God, Love, your life purpose? Please join. This series is designed for anyone who wants to spark psychological and spiritual growth. The material is extracted from an eclectic base of resources: my near 30 years of practice in mental health, biblical study and mentorship; 20 years in ministry; ideas from modern day and established psychologists, writers, pastors, speakers and theologians.
The class will be ongoing and open to whoever wants to join, at any week they are able. It will go in 8 week rotation as far as topics are concerned. So if you miss one, it will come back around. Each class duration is intended to be 60 -90 min. Never to exceed 90 min. Each presentation allows and encourages group feedback, question and answer.

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Psychological Spiritual Training Series

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