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“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life.” - B. K. S. Iyengar

Following the BEAUTIFUL experience of our previous two events.....

Our Kapucia community is honoured to welcome you all again for an evening of soothing & nourishing Yoga & Yoga Nidra, where you will be held beautifully in a candlelit space with the stunning backdrop of live Cello music.

Ashley Bromilow YOGA ॐ will be guiding very gentle, elegant Yoga class fusing a soft flow with Yin Yoga (with support of cushions) allowing you to flow into stillness.

Your beautiful, reflective journey will be deepened by a soothing 40 minute (approx) Yoga Nidra and your entire 2 Hour multi-sensory experience will adorned by classical music by Stephanie Kearley and her Cello.


Yoga Asana (A soft flow to warm the body, followed by Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a restorative, introspective yoga style, aiming to work deep into the connective tissues for tension release and for deep relaxation. The passive nature of the asanas, provides time for a deeper journey to unfold. Postures will be held for approximately 3-5 minutes with the aid of cushions)

-Pranayama (Relaxing Breath Work)

-Mudra: (Symbolic Hand Gestures)

Extended Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep, Approx. 40-45 mins)

-2 Hours of relaxing Cello music choreographed to your Yoga/ Yoga Nidra practice.


-COST: £20

-Friday 30th November

**Spaces are limited & fill up fast... please book to avoid disappointment.
Call 07519 559213, or email info.kapucia.com to enquire/book.


Stephanie, an award-winning musician, composer and musical director for the 'Good Vibrations String Group', has carved a successful career as a session string player/ arranger, as well as being a music tutor at the Formby School of Music with over 20 years experience. In 2014, Stephanie was awarded ‘Best Classical Musician’ at The Liverpool Musicians awards and is a fully competent arranger for a variety of instruments including the Cello and Violin. Having played and recorded with a number of artists, including: Robert Vincent, Emma Stevens, both regulars on BBC Radio 2, Shannen Bamford, The City Walls, Reid Anderson, Jenn Bostic, The Last Scout, Nina Fian, Stephen Langstaff,Iain Till, her reputation precedes itself. She also plays at more formal occasions such as weddings, christenings etc, both as a solo Cellist or as part of a duo/quartet.


Ashley is extremely passionate about Yoga which shines through in her very gentle, lovely and authentic classes. After years of personal practice with some of Liverpool’s most authentic and talented teachers, she followed her heart and travelled to India to train as a Hatha Yoga practitioner. Teaching from the bottom of her heart, she holds nurturing, loving space, allowing students to connect with their most authentic selves. She guides students through a safe practice, through her knowledge of basic alignment and Yoga Anatomy. Often giving back to the community, she is recognised for organising personal charity Yoga events in Liverpool and was invited to lead a class in London in 2015 for children’s charity NACOA, amongst some of the UK’s most renowned teachers.

“Ashley's classes are wonderfully nurturing and spiritual. She has a deep commitment and love for yoga that she wants to share with everyone. One of the best yoga teachers I've ever come across.” –Lea Marsden- Dalli, London.

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