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Hail Yourselves! Join fellow lovers of all things true crime, UFO's, hauntings, conspiracies and cults to dive in the books talked about on Last Podcast on the Left. For anyone who can't get enough of of Marcus, Henry and Ben, this will be your chance to ******NERD ALERT******* geek out over the books that fuel their episodes. If you:

• are fascinated (albeit horrified) by the inner workings of HH Holmes' murder house

• wish you could catch a glimpse of a man in black

• catch yourself pondering over what really happened at Jones Town

• guiltily laugh at the thought of Erik Menendez's toupee

• long to visit the final resting place of Rasputin's package (?)

• think Marcus is a genius, Henry is hilarious and Ben is kinda fun (and amazing)

• have never listened to last podcast on the left but believe the illuminati is real... and Beyonce is its leader

......Then this is the book club for you!

Each month, we will cover a different book referenced by the boys as part of their research and will meet up at a different locale to chat about them. Drinks likely to be involved (if desired).

(but truly, if you've never listened to this podcast, but still enjoy reading about true crime, aliens, conspiracies and cults, you are more than welcome and will still enjoy this meetup!)

This is also an unofficial book club created by LPOTL fans

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'The Devil in the White City' by Erik Larson and the monstrous HH Holmes

Hi Laughers! We finally decided on a book. While I want to jump right into the weirdest, wackiest and spookiest topics possible with this book club, we decided to ease gently in to the LPOTL spirit with a fairly classic book to kick us off. So, at our first meeting, we are going to be chatting about 'The Devil in the White City' by Erik Larson. Used as the bulk of the inspiration for the HH Holmes series the boys did back in 2015, 'The Devil in the White City' is also just a super fascinating book and according to Marcus, 'a must read for any fan of true crime'. It has missed me over the years, so we are going to use this as the basis of our first meetup. We are excited to see you all at Onderdonk & Sons (one of our fave bars in the five boroughs) where we will have a drink or two, get to know each other a bit and engage in a LPOTL level deep dive on the reading. Looking forward to your thoughts, impressions, questions, etc. Let me know if you have any questions about the event and we are really looking to meeting y'all. Hail Yourselves!!!!

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