What we're about

Why wait until your next trip? Live like you're traveling and infuse that travel high into your everyday.

This group is for travel lovers and culture hunters who want to perfect the art of being a tourist in their own country. Who want to continue exploring and discovering the world even when they're home. Here you can join and organize events that help us learn something new, re-discover our own city or explore another culture!

The events we'll do are inspired by travel and help us to infuse our week with 6 "Travel Elements" that are:


We believe that if you mix these elements regularly into your week you will feel as good at "home" as when you're on an exotic holiday!

Types of things we might be doing:
• Perhaps a Mexican cooking workshop
• An outing to a special event at a museum
• Gather for a Parisian picnic
• Get "lost" exploring one of our many neighborhoods
• Good night of laughter and drinks

...trying a new sport, learning something new, dancing a new dance, and of course meeting a lot of like minded people.

We are in search for folks who would like to lead a meet up and show us "your" chicago!
Contact Organizer, Mu-Hsien to discuss!
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LiveLikeYoureTraveling.com (http://www.livelikeyouretraveling.com) is a global movement to design a lifestyle you love, inspired by a travel mindset.
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We have roots in Chicago, Amsterdam and New York, so be sure to check the events as a unique way to explore the other cities if you plan on visiting soon!

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