What we're about

"Is any cause worth giving up your life for?" "Are some people born evil?" "Do people in our society suffer from spiritual 'hunger'?" "Are people in today's world as obsessed with money as Silas was?" These questions, which come from different literary pieces (last one Silas Marner), are the kind of questions that pop up in our heads after facing literature.

Literature shocks us readers in a way that makes us question the reality we live in by observing it from a different perspective, that one of the author. This group is an inivitation to re-experience themes that still move us nowadays (e.g. love, death, alienation, diversity, etc.) through the eyes of writers from The Victorian Age to the late 1990s. Each session we will be reading an extract of a text previously chosen by the group, and carrying out a comprehensive text analysis, followed by a discussion.

On the first session we will pick up themes and decide the order we will be reading them. On the last session, we will try to write a text based on the literary resources analised. Anyone who feels like it can share his/her creation.

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