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We are a support community for all homeschool families!

This group allows all homeschool families, all curricula, all faiths, and all walks of life. We offer support, a busy calendar of activities and we encourage friendships between our families. We encourage all families to help host various activities throughout the year. Activities can be of interest to you and your studies, based on talents and skills you have, local field trips, classes arranged for our group and general fun like park dates, outings in nature and public events. We do have dues of $5.00 every six months. This is used for our group at events and for maintaining our MeetUp page.

Before clicking the "Join" button, please read ALL the information below. These Policies (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwhHU2J-0247R19qWFFMZWlwc2Ywbms5ams2dzJfYTIzd1JV) need to be signed and returned to afitzgibbon9@gmail.com to be approved in this meet up.

About Us

Welcome, we are Live Oak Homeschooling Meetup.

We are a group of families, mostly all represented by mothers but we do not discriminate, dads are educators as well. We support all types of homeschoolers. This means no matter what your chosen path, your faith, your curricula, or your needs, we welcome everyone.

In our group, a homeschooler is defined as a person who is "at home" giving their child a majority of their education. This is not the same thing as "after-schooling" which is when a child attends a public school and then is having their education supplemented at home. While we support those efforts, for the purposes of this group, that is not defined as homeschooling. The at-home-education could be "on your own," a classical approach or a child-led experience. It is important to understand this definition as it occasionally comes up in discussion of policies.

We use two websites for this group, both of which are "private" groups. No one outside of our group member base can see your information or photos and we take safety matters very seriously in this group.

Meetup.com is our main site with our calendar of events, our member profiles, where we collect dues twice a year, maintain our current RSVPs, and communicate about new and upcoming activities. The second site we use is facebook. You can "like us" and request to join our chat group Live Oak Homeschool Meetup (you must have membership on meetup to be in our facebook group). Facebook enables us to have real-time chat, get to know each other, offer support, ask questions, exchange resources and anything else that might come up. If you have a FB account, I highly recommend using the networking site as a way to get to know your fellow homeschool friends. It is a great tool!

This group offers activities by its members and is led by The Homeschool Organizing Team. As a member you can view the leadership team on our member roster. Event Host are members who host activities on a regular basis. Assistant Organizers and the Co-Organizers make up the leadership team. The leadership team works together to discuss ideas, concerns, and the direction of our group.

All members of this group can and often do host events; in that aspect we are much like a co-op. We are successful because YOU make us successful by attending events, keeping RSVPs current and by you getting involved, giving your time and offering to host activities.

The Homeschool Organizing Team

Becoming and Staying Member

We don’t ask a lot in regards to membership, but what we do ask is important to the group running smoothly. Here is a breakdown of what we need our members to do:

Applying for membership:

Self Photo: Please add a photo of yourself to your profile. It does not have to be with your children, we just need to see that you are a real person, with a real face and are interested in our group enough show us your picture. A photo helps organizers recognize you in public places and gives a face to a name with RSVPs and meetups.

Our group, it’s information, our meetups and our members are all completely private; only viewable to the other members in the group.

Please fill out the questions on your profile and last but not least, RSVP for your first meetup after you have been approved.

Don't forget I need these policies (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwhHU2J-0247R19qWFFMZWlwc2Ywbms5ams2dzJfYTIzd1JV) signed and returned to afitzgibbon9@gmail.com before you will be approved.

Keeping membership:

There are a couple of ways to keep membership that is important to our group.

First, RSVP for meetups. This allows organizers to know you are receiving our meetup emails and that you are interested enough in the group to let us know if you are attending a meetup or not.

Second, attend a meetup. Homeschooling is a busy job! However, if you can RSVP regularly and try to make it to a meetup here and there, that is really going to go far in this group. We would never discriminate due to busy schedules, illnesses or life events; but we would love to see you. If you don’t find anything on the calendar that suites your needs or time availability, there is a tab on our home screen for “Ideas” – just post there what you would like to see and when, and we can make that happen.

A big point of this meetup group is to make friends with each other so our children can make friends with other children. To make friends with other people, it takes a little effort to put yourself out there, attending a meetup can do just that.


Dues are $5 for six months or $10 for the year. It cost the organizer $89 for the website for the year.
1. To cover the cost of the website
2. It helps determine who values the group. People are less likely to bail, have no-shows, and are more likely to follow through with their commitments if they have a monetary investment in the group.
3. If there are funds left over, we can use those to cover cost of space rentals, supplies for activities or funding of food for larger activities

If money is an issue but you still want to be an active member of this group, that is perfectly understandable. Just send the organizer of the group a message letting them know of your circumstances and the fee can be waved until the next time for dues comes around. We never want to limit who can be involved because of money; if you value the group and want to be a part of it, that is still more important to the overall bottom line and we want you here.

Optional but additional ways to be active in our group:

Support us by hosting events. Be proactive with meetups, events, support and other members. Support our group by asking how you can be a leader. Post to the “idea” tab for our group. Offer to teach a session with a theme, i.e. art, science, music, reading, etc.

We are successful because you make this group successful.

Last bit of information:

We have an open door policy here; if you have any questions or concerns about the group or anything else regarding the group, please email the organizer and we’ll try to address your issues as best as we can. We are here to support you.

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