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Expect a group motivation atmosphere, 5 members to a room. If you are really wanting to lose weight we have something new. We know that live streaming fitness is different but it's easy and it works. Losing weight is Hard, we know we've been there, it's hard. And that's why we came up with Live Streaming and more tools for you to lose weight. Here is the who, what and why. 1. Live Streaming Rooms. The reason for live streaming is several reasons. For one it creates a group motivation atmosphere. Motivation is one of the main factors of losing weight. When you get up in the morning you are motivated to workout because you are in your home and able to see others in their homes working out. By nature we push each other further and longer when we workout together. You are also in a gym atmosphere without leaving your home. You are also able to schedule workout times with friends from any distance. 2. Virtual Walking/Running rooms. These are my favorite. When you are walking on the Santa Monica pier or various places you are wanting to keep going because you are exploring a new place. You're motivated to keep walking just because you are exploring and it feels as though you are REALLY THERE! It keeps you walking because you feel you are really visiting that location. 3. BEFit. BeFit is a section on it's own. You can watch 1000's of workout videos in lots of categories. If you travel they have videos for hotel workouts, you can sort videos by many categories including equipment, instructor etc. You can build your own workouts and more in BEFit. 4. Forums. Our Forums are Post Only forums. What we mean by post only is that our forum is in post sections and you can only post when you are posting on these topics. This is done to keep focus. We have 6 main sections. Section 1 is to post only when you are wanting to partner with a weight loss/fitness partner. Section 2 is to post only when you are posting your calories intake for the day at that time. Section 3 is to post only when you are eating. This the Lunch Room. Post pictures of what you are eating and share healthy recipes. Section 4 is to post only when you want to post about your weight and how it has affected you. I know I have 3 new swimsuits I could'nt wear this summer. Section 5 is to post only when you have lost any weight, even if it's half a pound. Section 6 is to post only when you have met your goal. If your goal was 25 pounds and you met it, post it. We made it easy, just connect your HDMI cord (HDMI cord is connected from your tv to your dvr/dvd player etc.) into your device and that's it. We also have phone browsers for your phone to live stream. And HDMI adapters are available if you would like to live stream from your phone to tv. Send me an email support@fitnesspalsonline if you have any questions.

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“We know that live streaming fitness is different but it's easy and it works. The FPO team is a group of women who like most women put on some pesky pounds. We were tired of things that didn't motivate us, work, or produce lasting results. In our careers we had to produce results constantly. So we began Fitness Pals Online.”

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