Cosmic Soul Activations in LA


Teza Zialcita who has written 3 books on Akashic Records Healing. She blesses the field she interacts with in utmost humility, with the greatest generosity of kindness and sharing her story with unabashed honesty and the highest integrity. Please come meet this radiant soul and get to know how to open your Akashic Records from a master!

"Akashic Records are our sacred soul’s living library. Here in the etheric fields of the Akasha is where the primordial substance of all that is, has been recorded.

Tapping into the Akashic records is the highest form of healing in all mankind. We can tap into the resource or informational data bank of the universal library of our collective consciousness. Every illness or disease has an energetic imprint in our soul’s data bank. Therefore, we can create the shift in this field and have the soul’s perspective on why things are happening to us. We can understand and gain clarity as to how we can make the best alternative approach on our condition."
Excerpts from Cosmic Soul

This gathering is to open our Akashic Records portal and activate our Cosmic Soul! We will start with meditation and then questions and answers regarding your records is open. Welcome to our Cosmic Soul activations to assist us in our ascension process.
Looking forward to having you beautiful souls!