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Drum in Hope
歡迎大家於星期天下午加入活出希望團隊在 Drum Cafe 的活動!藉由擊鼓宣洩生活中的壓力並認識新的朋友。一個人只要400,馬上報名取得付款資訊。現場提供點心與飲料!更多資訊在這裡: 報名連結: Come join Live in Hope and Drum Cafe for an unforgettable Sunday afternoon! Drum your worries away to the beat of your soul and meet new friends. Only NTD400 per person, register to get payment details. Snacks and drinks available at the venue! Find out more here: Sign up here:


台北市建國南路一段177號 · Taipei

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We host different #events throughout the year through which we hope to bring people together to take part in a positive activity. You will either get to do what you love doing, but with new people, or learn a new skill that can help you #create the life you want. Whether you want low-key and relaxing or high energy and active, we’ll have an event for you! You will meet people who like the things you do and those who don’t. You’ll have the opportunity to #learn new skills and techniques that you can apply to be pro-active in creating a better life! All you have to do is #ShowUp . We try to make our events free or as low in price as possible so there’s #NoExcuse – come join us!

​我們每年會舉辦很多不同的活動,希望透過這個富有正向能量的活動,將人們凝聚在一起。你可以做你喜歡做的事,也可和新朋友一起;或者藉此活動學習新技能,創造你想要的生活。無論您想要低調、放鬆,還是高體能、活潑的活動,我們都可以為您策劃!在這裡你可能會遇到跟你有同樣興趣的人或不同的。申請加入,您將有機會#學習新的才藝和技術,創造更美好的生活!你需要做的是#參與。我們會盡量提供高質免費或超值低價的活動,#別找藉口 - 加入我們吧!

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