Past Meetup

Ozomatli! beyond hiphop, salsa, latino, salsa, cumbria, samba, funk, reggae +..


Five, North Bay Meetup Groups, coming together!

Please allow time to enter "the island" and utilize your meetup app to "check in" to this event. Also, I'll send any needed updates starting at 6:30pm. This will help our fellow Meetup Hosts. Bound to be a fun, live music event with four meetup groups coming together! Over 50 have signed up. I'll have a Meetup sign, held high in the air at 6:30pm to 6:32pm and be wearing a dark blue ballcap hat with 23 and Heritage on the front (vintage America's Cup). Co-Hosting this major Meetup event are:

Sonya Jocee Tamara

A big thank you to our Meetup Divas!

From the tent, right entrance, near the main stage, we'll meet outside the tent at 6:30pm and head over to the food booths to the right of the main stage and tent.

We'll venture over to the main stage tent, at 7pm and get some good seats! (concert starts at 7:30 pm) After the show, we'll head east...a short walk, out of the concert tent, to the edge of the lake for absolutely awesome fireworks, starting at 9:30pm!

"Ozomatli can really entertain the audience with unique sounds of horns, percussion, strings and vocals with a positive image of peace"....they cover the music spectrum..."Indie, raga, Jamaican reggae, R&B, merangue, comparsa, east la, funk, samba, cumbria, dance hall, hiphop, salsa, beyond latino"..and!

*We welcom2 our four other MeetUp groups to join us for this ozomatali, carnival, fireworks... music night!

** Speaking of fireworks, if you haven't seen the fireworks, after this concert, I highly recommend....not to be of the best I've ever seen with reflections on the lake! Starts at 9:30pm

Concert is included in admission and 16 carnival rides...woohoo!

Adults $16; Seniors (65+) $14; Children 4-12 $14;children under 4

Tickets are available at the gate