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Winter Hiking & Snowshoeing - Specific Trail & Canyon TBA

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About the hike today:

There are several great winter hiking trails in this neck of the woods, within a mile of each other - perfect for just about any age or ability. Join us! I'll choose the exact trail by Saturday at 8 AM, once I see what the weather is like. Trailhead is within 20 minutes of our meeting place. I doubt we'll need anything more than Micro Spikes since we haven't had any new snowfall recently.

I rent Micro Spikes AND Snowshoes for $10/pair per outing. If you need either, let me know at least the day before the outing and I'll bring you a pair. Even if it's last minute, text me or just come. I always try to bring extra if possible.

There is no better way to enjoy yourself during the winter months than spending time outside! Utah has one of the BEST winter playgrounds in the world!

I offer MUCH more than just hiking in our Outdoor Adventure Group. Of 350 outings I post each year, 170 of them involve hiking or snowshoeing.

About our hikes in general

Safety is ALWAYS our top priority.

Hikers are not left behind. We work hard to keep track of everyone on the trail.

We encourage members to be aware of those around them and be willing to lend a hand, if necessary.

Hiking calendars are located online at ( and

Sheryl's photos are posted on: Facebook (, , (, (

Most hiking outings are updated within a day or two before the outing.

Even if it isn't updated, please come. We are ALWAYS there! Even if I am out of town or sick, I have loyal assistants who will lead the group for me.

Carpools are organized at the meeting place to reduce traffic in the canyon and save everyone money.

For those who need a ride or want to drive, let Sheryl know at the meeting place.

If you would like to leave the hike early, let Sheryl know in case others would like to leave early with you. Also plan to drive to the trailhead if necessary so you can leave when you would like.

As a courtesy when you carpool, give your driver a few dollars for gas. Even if a driver refuses your gas money, save it for another driver who will be very grateful.

Hikes are never canceled due to inclement weather. These “less than perfect” days are great opportunities to test your clothing. You may be surprised at how many people show up on the “bad weather days”. It's impressive and inspiring! The planned "trail" may be changed due to road, weather or trail conditions.

RSVP when possible, but still come at the last minute, even if you can't RSVP

Weekday hikes may not include hiking details but come anyway since you will always be pleasantly surprised.

Hiking outings always finish on or before 12 noon, unless stated otherwise.

The main purpose for weekday hikes is to scout out trail conditions and routes for our larger Saturday hikes.

Hikes are generally located within a 10 - 20 minute drive of our meeting place unless otherwise stated.

The “meeting place” is always the same for every hike: 6506 South Wasatch Blvd, (,+Holladay,+UT&hl=en&ll=40.632617,-111.799171&spn=0.004494,0.01929&sll=40.632584,-111.799107&sspn=0.072041,0.154324&oq=6506+Wasatch+Blvd,+Holladay,+UT&hnear=6506+Wasatch+Blvd,+Holladay,+Utah+84121&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.632613,-111.79918&panoid=OnXp5dfunAsbkQnZXl3iQg&cbp=11,23.86,,0,3.2) UTA Park n Ride, FAR SOUTH END of this large parking lot. If possible, drive to this meeting place and get acquainted with it BEFORE an outing. If you have any questions, contact Sheryl in advance.

Hikers are encouraged to meet with us at the meeting place, prior to leaving for the trailhead, for final instructions. If you live close to a trailhead and want to meet there, contact Sheryl the day before or morning of, since plans can change at the last minute.

Trails are always subject to the weather and canyon conditions and may change without notice.


What you agree to when attending this outing:

I agree to participate at my own risk.

I agree to participate at a pace or skill level I feel comfortable with.

I agree to inform Sheryl of any special needs or concerns I have.

I agree not to hold Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl McGlochlin, her assistants, or affiliates responsible or liable for my safety.

I understand that hiking along with all other outdoor adventures can be dangerous and strenuous.

I agree to stop and rest as often as I need.

I agree to talk with Sheryl and/or her assistants about any concerns I have regarding this outing or if I feel uncomfortable in any way.

I understand that I am invited to do a shortened version of a hike but I'll inform Sheryl or her assistants if I leave the group early.

I agree to stay with the group and not venture off on my own.

I agree to abide by Sheryl's guidelines and final instructions on the day of the hike, for my own safety and protection AND the safety and protection of others.

I understand that consulting a physician is strongly recommended BEFORE beginning an exercise program.

I agree to attend the 30 minute, pre-hike orientation on my first Saturday hike with the group to get better acquainted and acclimated with the group.

I agree to come and get acquainted with Sheryl's hiking group 1 - 2 times before I pay $35 annual membership dues. See details below.

I understand that more information about Sheryl's group and all of the activities she offers is available at .

About the Outdoor Adventure Group

Established February 2003 with continued growth ever since

Holds the record for being the most consistent hiking group (on a weekly basis) in Utah, since 2003.

Hike with the group EVERY Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning of the year!

Our members are introduced to hundreds of hidden treasures in Utah and beyond.

In addition to 162+ hikes/year, a wide variety of outdoor adventures and activities are scheduled throughout the entire year for members.

What to know before you attend

There is safety in numbers. Most hiking accidents happen to “solo” hikers.

Members are expected to use the buddy system and stay with others in our group. Generally there is always someone of a similar hiking ability to hike with.

A guide is at the front of the group and an assistant is in the back.

Plan to hike at a pace you are comfortable with.

Get in the habit of bringing a little extra food and water than what you may need, in case someone else needs help.

Before each hike, a designated “turn around” time is announced, which means where ever you are on the trail, at a certain time you are expected to start back to the trailhead. This allows everyone to go at a pace they are comfortable with.

Some hikes like “Loop Hikes”, “Canyon to Canyon Hikes”, etc. require a more moderate hiking ability. If there are specific qualifications for a hike, it will always be posted in advance and will state what qualifications are needed.

A “moderate” hiking ability means the trail has more elevation gain and/or more length.

An “easy” hiking ability means the trail has less elevation gain and/or shorter in length.

Examples of a moderate to strenuous trail: 1) Circle All Peak: 1500 ft. elevation gain in 1.5 miles, one way, which is 1000 feet per mile 2) Mt. Timpanogos: 7.5 miles w/ 4580 ft. elev. gain, one way

Examples of an easier trail: 1) Pipeline in Millcreek Canyon 2) Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Even though these trails may be long, they don’t have much elevation gain and you can choose to go as far as you like.

If you need to leave a hike early, it’s never a problem, just tell us before you leave.

If you are new and not sure about your ability, consider doing a “Sample Hike”, which means you agree to hike with us for less than 30 minutes. Tell us before starting the hike.

Bring and drink 1 - 2 liters of water for a regular 2 - 3 hour day hike.

Bring a healthy snack i.e. trail mix, peanut butter/jam sandwich, granola or energy bar, etc.

Bring a hat, sunglasses and an extra layer of clothing or wind breaker since mountain temperatures are cooler than the valley.

Come often and you’ll learn how to be prepared and comfortable for any type of weather condition in Utah.

Get acquainted with your leaders, Sheryl & her assistants. They want you to have a great experience on your FIRST outing with the group.

Get in the habit of telling someone (not hiking with you) where you are going and when you’ll be off the trail, regardless of how many people you are hiking with.

Ease into hiking or any new sport. Everyone has to earn their own “hiking legs”.

Stop and rest often, as needed. Terrain, altitude, weather and trail conditions, etc. can effect a person differently on any given day.

To enjoy this outing for years to come, bring a camera and take plenty of photos.

We are not a competitive hiking group. We encourage you to enjoy the journey, not just the finish line.

Enjoy getting to know others in the group, however, most people don’t want to hear your conversation, so be considerate and talk quietly.

Enjoy peace and quiet even when hiking with a group! Most of us want to be surrounded by people who are quiet. Moose, birds and other wildlife are heard and spotted when it is quiet. More sounds like wind blowing through tall aspen trees are heard when it’s quiet.

Keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate.

Try to be alert and aware of what is going on around you while hiking. If you want to listen to music, bring earphones so others can’t hear your music. Accidents can be avoided if hikers are alert and pay attention to warnings from fellow hikers, weather and nearby wildlife.

New members join our group each week. They come with a wide variety of experience, background, interests & abilities. Be friendly, helpful and welcoming to those who are new.

Speak up if you have any concerns, problems, or questions about anything we do on our hike.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything, talk to Sheryl.

Know your own strengths & weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

Don’t forget to stop and look around to see how far you’ve come! It’s a big confidence booster.

Warm up on your own - before and after each outing.

Come with a flexible, positive, caring, friendly attitude and you'll have a GREAT time!

Four hiking seasons - ALWAYS designed for beginner and moderate abilities

Winter (December 1 - Feb 29) Ice hiking, downtown night walks, snowshoeing (mostly in the area of 5000 ft. to 10,000 ft. above sea level), spikes for hiking on ice and/or snowshoes are required

Spring (March 1 - May 30) Hiking to waterfalls, transitioning from wetter to drier terrain and weather conditions, generally lower altitude hikes and gradually climbing to high altitude hikes by summer

Summer (June 1 - Aug 31) Wild flower hiking, high altitude hiking (mostly 8000 - 11,000 ft. above sea level), canyon to canyon hiking, loop hikes

Fall (September 1 - Nov 30) Colorful fall hiking, transitioning from drier to wetter terrain and weather conditions

Many benefits for coming often

Develop a stronger, toned body

Meet many new people

Develop long lasting relationships

Relieve stress easily and quickly

Enjoy peace and quiet, even with a group

Experience a natural high

Dump unwanted pounds & fat

Take in breath-taking scenery & stunning beauty around every corner

Gain new perspectives and insights on problems in your life

Experience how grand and awe-inspiring nature is

Gain confidence in knowing you can do hard things

Receive several invites to amazing “Get Aways”, without expensive air-fare

Watch all of your senses come alive

Feel more gratitude and appreciation for life

Feel more energized and happy

Discover nature’s best medicine for clearing your mind or whatever ails you

Excellent place to meditate

Breathe an abundance of fresh clean air

Enjoy the best escape from mundane, daily routines and boring chores

Discover how inexpensive and rewarding a short 3-hour hike, close to home, can be

Treat yourself to therapeutic, healing, soothing, relaxing benefits

Enjoy 162+ hiking outings each year - each one includes all of these benefits

Contact info

Sheryl McGlochlin

Live and Thrive, LLC





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About Sheryl:

Married to Dave in 1979, a mother of four, grandmother of four, native of Utah, born and raised in Holladay (suburb of Salt Lake City) at the foot of Mt. Olympus. Teen years spent in Golden and Applewood area in Colorado (West Denver). Starting in February 2003, Sheryl has researched, created, organized, promoted, instructed and guided 3000+ outdoor adventures in an assortment of activities and sports. Although her members may differ in experience, age, knowledge, skill and ability, they all share one common passion: to be active outdoors.

Since 2003, Sheryl has been offering Outdoor Adventure classes in Adult Community Education School Districts (Salt Lake AND Granite Peaks)

Has worked part time as an Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast and Presenter for KSL TV (NBC affiliate) Studio 5

Has served as a guest speaker for Intermountain Health Care, REI and various civic, business and church groups.

Has been a consultant for Utah Hiking books.

Learn more about her and all she offers by searching online on a variety of websites, blogs, youtube videos, pinterest, etc. Search Google, Google Images,, Facebook, Pinerest, Youtube, etc. under:, “Sheryl McGlochlin”, “Live and Thrive”, "crazy sheryl", ""

Additional Resources:

KSL TV Studio 5

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Salt Lake City: Including Ogden, Provo, and the Uintas by Greg Witt

Best Easy Day Hikes Salt Lake City, 2nd (Best Easy Day Hikes Series) by Brian Brinkerhoff, Greg Witt

Sports and Activities offered

stand up paddle surfing


downtown night walks

flat water kayaking

picnic on the peak


trail running

downhill and cross country skiing

outdoor cooking

Dutch Oven cooking



Zipfy sledding


nature photography

land paddling

bike riding

scenic float river trip

white water river rafting



scuba diving

white water river rafting


horseback riding


rock climbing

boulder hopping


speed boating

wildlife, geology, plant life tours

adventure travel - locally and beyond (Utah, Western States, Switzerland, Maui, Virgin Islands, Florida, etc.)

Pre-trip meetings

Winter Clothing Sales

and more....

Cost to participate:

A $35/person annual membership fee is required to participate in our Outdoor Adventures, however, you are invited to join us once or twice on a hiking outing before paying, to make sure our group is right for you. Members receive more than 350 invitations to an assortment of outdoor adventure outings each year. Registration is fast and easy. Register online at OR pay by cash or check at an outing or event. Get better acquainted with the hiking group and Sheryl by attending a free, weekly, 30-minute, pre-hike meeting held every Saturday morning. This is a good time for you to talk with Sheryl in person, if you have any questions. Email or text her as well.


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