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Echoes of Deicide - The Shadow's Verdict

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Price: $60.00 /per person

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Echoes of Deicide – The Shadow’s Verdict

Game Date: August 2nd to August 4th, 2013
Location: Camp Verdugo Oaks

Approximate Address: 38001 Golden State Highway, Castaic, CA 91384 (This will take you near the off ramp from the freeway. See Directions, below.)


Check-In Time: 5:00PM
Game Start Time: 7:00PM

Please arrive before the listed time if possible. You may arrive early to start setting up, but please do not arrive before 2PM, which is our check-in time with the campsite. We are hoping to start the game promptly at 7:00PM.

Site Amenities: We will have *limited cabin space* at this site. The GM staff will be using the same cabin as at the last event. Other cabin spaces are on a first come, first served basis. There are also numerous permanent tents available. If you want privacy, you are welcome to use one of the permanent tents or bring your own tent.

This campsite has a full kitchen and bathrooms with running water. Check with staff before using the grill; last time we were there, the pilot light was not working properly. For safety reasons, we will need to check the status of the grill before it is used.

PC Game Fee: $60 for PCs, $30 for first time PCs, free for NPCs.
Food is not provided for this event.

Experience Point Value: 45 Points

In-Game Days Between Events: 60 days
RSVP and Buy Tickets Here: TBA

Rules: This game uses the Arbiter System, which can be found here:

Please ensure your character sheet is up-to-date with the new rules.

Lore: Through research and collaboration with their tenuous new allies among the Order of the Open Hand, the Dawnbringers have discovered the locations of the last two Xixian vaults. One lies deep within the Sythus Region, while another is closer – in the city of Keldris, on the southern edge of the Forest of Blades.

Keldris is known to welcome any that would pass through its gates, but bringing an army of the Order of the Open Hand would still be seen as a sign of aggression. As such, the man claiming to the “Ascended Knight” has chosen to head toward the vault in the Sythus Region with a small portion of his forces, leaving the others behind on the border of the Forest of Blades. His plan is to gather the piece of Cessius found there, while the Dawnbringers head south to treat with the rulers of Keldris – the Northern Fae court – and retrieve the final piece of the staff.

While heading to the city of Keldris, the Dawnbringers receive an invitation that indicates that “Larkin and his companions” are welcome to stay on her lands while within the city. The letter gives no indication of how the she knew the party was coming, or if she would be personally present for when the Dawnbringers arrive. It does, however, warn that the Vault they are seeking is already under the protection of the Northern Court – and they may need to persuade the King to gain access to it.

The travel to Keldris is surprisingly without incident; the demons seem to have paused their attacks on the Dawnbringers while they travel. The group of Shadowblades escorting the party seems highly suspicious of this, believing that the demons are massing their forces for a larger, conclusive strike.