What we're about

This is a group for the extraordinary interested in expanding there mind, body and talents. This is a place to learn more of who you are, be who you are and try new things.

Food Blogging/Ventures - If you're a blogger and building your port as one this is perfect for you! We all help each other capture each moment during our ventures! No selfie is awkward here!!! We highly encourage all the publicity in the world and magically turn a simple Trip to a Restaurant into a captured memory.

Travel - We have a few trips coming up that are going to be tons of fun and we'd like you to join us! LA/FL/PA/?


Outdoors - Jog in the park, learn how to run. Work out, do yoga with us . Fly kites.Go canoeing. Horse Back Riding in the mountains. Read a book under a tree.

Mind and Body - Learn Yoga from our Personal Yoga Teacher. We will be having meditation sessions. Learn how to do splits,straighten our spines and stretch you out!

Spirituality - I will be teaching you how to be more aware in your dreams. Learn how to appreciate your life lessons. How to be more spiritually awake during astral projections. How to awaken your inner Goddess. Full moon charge up meetings. Cleansing from personal Chakra Healers. How to let go rituals. Learn how to breath.

Photoshoots - Are you a Photographer and interested in building an interesting port? We will be hosting many photography meetups where you get to meet Model/Fire Performer Natalie Hope and Joseph Tomczyk.
Yes, there will be fire! To see what we do with fire, check out our website to get an idea of what to expect (Creative non-fire concepts welcome ) HopesFireFantasies.com (https://www.hopesfirefantasies.com)

Flow For All - Fire Meetup - Come one come all for the Flow For All flow off, learn new moves or showoff! Depending on how many people show we will have two locations available at the border of Queens Village and Long Island.There will be classes held where you can learn Fire breathing, Fire Eating, Fire Spinning, including none fire. Flow Nights will be held at random and will be announced in advance with a $10 fee to cover location cost and fuel. Lets have fun!


Express Yourself - Lets get silly! Dress up Tea Time .Learn how to make seashell pasties. Make candles. Paint Mugs.

Many more fun ideas I have to share with you all !

LiveThroughHope.com (http://livethroughhope.com/)

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