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This group is for anyone journeying the path of self discovery and self awareness. It is a community for those who want to move into a life of deep fulfillment, and lasting joy - free of limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

We all have them; negative patterns that creep into our lives that prevent us from realizing our full potential and keep us from the happy life we were meant to live.

* Chronic conditions
* Unwanted Behaviours
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Weight Issues
* Eating Disorders
* Addiction
* Unhealthy Relationships
* PTSD *Insomnia
* Fear
* Low Self Worth *Financial Issues
* Creative Stagnation

Do you know, these issues stem from past energies trapped in your body?
Do you know that you can now release those negative energies and destructive beliefs in a safe and gentle way?

This meetup group is designed to support you in your own unique journey of releasing the negative energy and embracing the wisdom and guidance system within you. We will be hosting seminars and workshops and webinars in the Soul Re-cognition Process and the Neuro Trauma Healing Process as well as retreats and special meditation events.

Become a part of this community and be in touch with fellow Soul Seekers; receive their support and give yours.

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