Past Meetup

White Elephant Gift Exchange @ Catalina Coffee Company in RB


This will be the 5th year we have done this and everyone always has fun! Back by popular request ...

Bring a new, wrapped gift...something you received that you do not have use for (that you think someone else would appreciate). If you were lucky enough to not receive any unwanted gifts, then purchase one so you can join in on the fun

You are welcome to bring as many gifts for exchange as you like--you leave with as many as you brought.

No one wants to ends up with a booby prize, so please..... nothing that you received as "free" promos for joining a club, attending a sporting event or other outing, company logo items, 99 cent store items (unless you are bringing 12!), broken/used items or junky Christmas ornaments (Christmas is over!) and such. And NO gag gifts, please.

Have it be something that someone would really want or could really use and that you wouldn't be embarrassed to admit you brought.

Price range minimum $15 (or over)

CATALINA COFFEE COMPANY: Very comfortable environment....

Nice cafe/coffee house that is totally different than the big chains. Huge comfy chairs and sofas, a fireplace, tons of books and best of all.... your beverage is served in one of those huge ceramic soup-type mugs.

Coffee, beverages, tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches and pastries are offered.

We are not paying a space fee, so purchases are encouraged.

FREE PARKING... convenient, attached parking lot


We will draw numbers to determine the order of choosing gifts. 1st person picks a wrapped gift. Each person thereafter has a choice to "steal" a person's gift or choose from the pile of wrapped gifts. If a gift is stolen, then that person whose gift was stolen can then pick another gift, from another person or a wrapped gift. A gift that has been stolen cannot be re-stolen by the same person it was just taken from. A gift can only be taken 3 times, then it is "locked" which means it is protected from further stealing. The gift remains with the 3rd person who stole it. Game continues until all people have chosen a gift. Person number 1 can make one more exchange at the end.

After the game is over, direct exchanges by agreement between two people are encouraged.

Can you bring some goodies?

I have brought homemade brownies and cookies in the past. Would anyone care to extend the holiday spirit and bring some baked goodies or munchies? You don't have to bring enough for everyone, just the quantity you feel comfortable with. Please indicate in your RSVP comments what you will bring.

Also need a volunteer to keep track of gifts and how many times they have been stolen. Please contact me directly or note in your RSVP comments.

After Party:

Those of us who want to keep the fun going can see where we want to go. Bring your suggestions and we'll see what happens!