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(This group is for those who liked the concept.Members themselves will have to take initiative and take active part.Think that this is his group.There is no point in just joining the group)
Any person who lives alone in Kharghar node can be a member.It means that the member should not have to catch a local train to meet other member.
Living alone in any city is a problem. When everybody around you is busy in their families your presence is a problem.
What to do after coming back from work is a problem.
To spend "off" day is a problem.
Going to cinema or drama is a problem.Going to exhibitions is a problem.Going for walk,going to temple,going to just stroll,purchasing a bed sheet,shoe pair,T shirt for you, all are problems.Even going to eat thali or having a breakfast in local restaurant on Sunday morning is a problem.Just meeting a friend after having dinner at home and having some chat just by standing at a corner of road is a problem.
There are lot of people facing the same problems.There is is no need that you should meet all "alones"; you can form a group of like minded people.You can send messages or block messages,You need not give your photograph or real name if you are not comfortable.
There are atleast two thousands living alone in Kharghar.
Find company and get rid of your loneliness. Then why not to just join together and solve it for each other.
If we join together Unitedly,
1)We can solve issues of accomodation
4)Increase our business
4)Get rid of lonliness.
TTMM ( Tu Tera Mai Mera,Tu Tuza Mi Maza)on the spot for expenses,very strictly.

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