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We are an open learning platform that aims to bring talent and training on an even keel. In other words, if you have the talent, we will ensure it gets the training and mentoring it deserves—by putting you in touch with top of the line professionals from assorted professions, including Filmmaking, Photography, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Video Editing, Creative Writing, Content Writing, Theatre and Acting, among others.

Simply put, passion will not suffer for either paucity of time and money. Our workshop modules cover both intensive and extensive ground, taking you through various nuances of that particular subject in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

We capture the essence of the curricula that professional institutes offer its students over two or three semesters in the course of a couple of days, by focusing on core skill sets required to succeed in the profession. We do not stop there, as our mentors go the distance to conduct advanced courses on the same topic, thereby keeping the light of learning alive and glowing.

(Please Note: All our workshops and courses have a set fee and require you to fill out a form on our website. Kindly read the event description before you RSVP)

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Basics of Sound Design Virtual Workshop

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Films/Movies/Videos are an AUDIO-VISUAL medium which means they contain 50% sound and 50% visual (at times sound even overplays the visual).
Though Sound is one of the most talked about subjects in films, it is still the least understood department of filmmaking. It has been observed that captivating sound is one of the most important attributes that separate a professional film from an amateur one. New and aspiring filmmakers rarely give importance to audio/sound because they usually come from or have a background of writing and photography, neither of which have any association with sound. Due to this gap in knowledge we don’t plan properly for sound and sound related tasks which results in a poor quality sound track and eventually takes the viewer’s attention away from your story and visuals. Many short films, low-budget films, and sometimes even big feature films have failed because of this, despite having an interesting story.
# Sound cannot be taught only by lectures or theories but by practicing, listening and understanding it.
# Your mentor will guide you through the entire workshop using film clips, audio clips, live demonstrations and interactive lectures.
# Laptops/Computers and Headphones are recommended while attending the sessions.
# The Workshop will take place over 2 Weeks. The timings will be 18:00 to 21:00 IST with a small break.
Dates: 23 Aug - 3 Sept, 2021 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 18:00 to 21:00 IST
Age: 18 & above
Fees: ₹8350/-
Early Bird Offer: ₹7500/-
Contact: [masked]
Platform: Google Meet
Subhashis Roy graduated from the Film & television Institute of India (FTII) in Cinema with specialization in Film Sound.
Since then he has the experience of working in the Mumbai Film and TV Industry as a Production Sound Mixer and Designer for more than 13 years.
He has worked on several Documentary Films for Various Foreign productions and channels like Channel-4(BBC), Discovery Atlas, PBS(USA and Canada), AARTÈ(French German channel). And worked for various Award Winnig Indian documentary Films.
To read full details please click here:
Registrations are on first paid first served basis. Limited Seats Only!

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Kitchen Tales: Writing Cookbook Chronicles

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