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Dear Ones,

Living Light Blessings are a gift from Beloved Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda and Beloved Avatar Jesus.

Above every person there exists a divine source of love, wisdom, and power called the Immortal Soul. Being aligned with your Immortal Soul provides you with higher consciousness, greater access to your innate ability to heal, greater enjoyment in life, and more. Living Light is your True Nature.

Join us for a presentation to understand better what happened from the time you left the Great Central Sun to your present life and:

*** Receive a Soul Alignment which gives a sacred opening to the Higher Dimensions which opens you to the flow of Divine Grace.

** Receive a Living Light Blessing which begins to awaken you and continues to awaken you the more blessings you receive. It is a step by step mystical process. You begin to rise above human ego consciousness into your Divine Consciousness and by Divine Alchemy the ego consciousness begins to lessen.

The higher vibrations and frequencies, which are the pure Love and God intelligence of your higher consciousness (Immortal Soul), flow down and overlay on the duality of human consciousness. Your Higher Consciousness loves, prods, nudges and transforms the old into the new. Integration of Higher Consciousness takes place and you become freer of human consciousness.

Your Immortal Soul will be washing away the accumulated density from the expression of your lower human consciousness that you have created through dualistic feelings and thought. The result is to dissolve that which is creating a limitation in your unity with your Divinity.

***Enjoy having some of your karma removed. We will call upon the Karmic Board for you.

*** Gain an understanding of the spiritual relationship to healing and well being.

***Gain an understanding of the ego-personality's relationship to disease and limitation and how the Soul heals at a core level

Each meeting is hosted by Frank and Donna Wheeler who are activated and certified Living Light Blessing Givers . The meet-up location is the upstairs conference room (use stairs or elevator) at the Patrick Memorial Library (sometimes in the larger conference room on the first level by the entrance door). Membership in the Meet-Up is free and so are your blessings.

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