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Help Spring warm up with a Living Light Blessing

Patrick Beaver Memorial Library

375 3rd St., NE · Hickory, NC

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    Living Light Blessings:

    Within every person there exists a divine source of love, wisdom, and power called the Soul or Divine Self. Being aligned with your Soul/Divine Self provides you with higher consciousness, greater access to your innate ability to heal, greater enjoyment in life, and more.

    Join us for a brief presentation and:

    ** Receive a Soul Alignment blessing to merge you with your Divine Self

    ** Receive a group Living Light Blessing

    ** Gain an understanding of the spiritual relationship to healing and well being

    **Gain an understanding of the ego-personality's relationship to disease and limitation and how the Soul heals at a core level

    Each meeting is hosted by an activated and certified Blessing Giver at his or her home (or another convenient location ). The Giver and the location will be provided to all members in a timely manner. All Blessing Givers are experienced at giving and receiving Blessings and a short Bio will be provided with each meeting announcement. Membership in the Meet-up is free and so are your blessings.

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