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This Meetup group is currently CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS. HOWEVER, You are welcomed to JOIN our group and you will be added to our WAIT-LIST.

Per group policy: At the end of every quarter the organizer will review member participation and remove any members who have not met the attendance requirement. This will allow us to welcome new members into the group, so please check back for future new member recruitment.

Thank you!

*As of 1/2019 our wait-list consists of (158) prospective new members*


We are beautiful mature positive unpretentious black women from all walks of life who come together for fun, friendships and embracing our best lives. If you're in your fantastic 40’s or fabulous 50’s and are interested in having girlfriends nearby to socialize with on a regular basis.

The intention of this group is to make amazing memories and build genuine long lasting meaningful friendships. Life's changes often leave us looking to recreate ourselves, needing to find new and meaningful things to occupy our time, making changes we didn't see coming, making new friends or just expanding our social lives; but it becomes hard to know what to do next or where to start. What we hope to accomplish is having a group of women who really get to know each other on a deeper level than just acquaintances and to enjoy each other's company as we embrace this season of our lives. We will meet up to dine out for brunch and dinner, attend local events, concerts, live music, museum and exhibit visits, self-care (spa days), house gatherings, movies, plays, sporting events, and participate in physical fitness, line dance lessons, tours, networking, day trips, shopping trips (including consignment/thrift shops, flea markets and home furnishings), wine tastings, winery visits, gardening classes, cooking classes, and support of each other in our personal and business endeavors.

Please keep in mind this is a group that is for women serious about forming friendships. We are keeping this a smaller select group than most because we think it will be easier for us to really get to know each other as friends, so we are limiting the membership to 50. If you have requested membership and we're already at 50 members, please check back again from time to time.

We do require a personal photo of you to be downloaded to our group site so it makes it easier to recognize each other at events, (no groups shots or pics of you with your boyfriend, spouse, children or pets please), there will be new members joining so that having photos of ourselves will be helpful to them.

NOTE: This is a smoke-free group: we say NO to cigarette smoking and/or vaping.


Our group is an active and social group, so with that in mind we ask that you adhere to the following group policies, to ensure continuity and success as we continue to flourish as a group.

We require that each member attend at least 3 events in 3 months. At the end of every quarter the organizer will review member participation and remove any members who have not met the attendance requirement. This allows us to welcome new members into the group. We understand that interests and priorities change and any member who has been removed from the group would be welcomed to be added to our wait-list for future membership when they are able to fully participate.

Membership has it's benefits and being a part of this group of Queens raises the bar..meaning it is only courteous to change your RSVP 48 hours prior to a meetup. Please do not RSVP if you have no intentions to attend; meetup.com sends out several notifications through email.

RSVP's for events - If you have RSVP’d for an event it is imperative that you check your email and pm’s during the week of the event for any additional details related to the event. Because life happens and the best plans can suddenly change, it is our group practice to always get a final confirmation of attendance to our Meetup group events during the week before the event.

If we do not receive your final confirmation when we request it by email, you will not have a reservation for the event or be added to our email chain to receive additional information pertaining to the event. We pride ourselves on communication and would not want you to miss any relevant information, so please read your email.

IMPORTANT: Posting your cancellation in our event page comments is strictly prohibited!

We will remove members from the group for posting their cancellation in our event page comments, because it sets in motion a series of cancellations, which defeats our purpose of being an active social group.

Out of courtesy to the organizer. asst. organizers, and event planners please be mindful of cancellations.

We aware that things may come up at the last minute, however frequent last minute cancellations will also be a reason for removal from the group.

No Show/No Call/Text message

We can only be as considerate of you, as you are of the group. To not show or not cancel your RSVP shows by actions that the group is not important to you, and will result in you automatically being removed from the group.

Cancellations - Please email or message me PRIVATELY of any cancellation(s) 48 hours prior to a meetup.

Lastly, when we get together, we do so to laugh, to unwind, to build, to uplift and to set a foundation for new friendships. If this sounds like your kind of party, we look forward to having you in our social family.

We encourage you to join us today so we can begin to form new friendships and live our best lives!

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