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What is this Living Poetry Virtual Workshop meetup? This meetup is a reminder to join the Living Poetry Virtual Workshop (LPVW). We created the Virtual Workshop in response to several requests from members who desired more frequent and rapid feedback than the face-to-face workshops are able to provide. And, because this is virtual, it is available whenever and wherever one has access to email. The LPVW is an internet mailing list. When you send an email to the workshop address all the other members of the mailing list receive the email. While you are not required to reply to each emailed poem, if you submit poems for review, please return the courtesy and provide feedback to others. Mutual exchange makes this a vibrant and lively virtual community. How do I join the Virtual Workshop? Simply RSVP to this meetup. We'll add you to the mailing list. How do I submit a poem for feedback? Send your poem in an email to How do I provide feedback on a submitted poem? After receiving a submitted poem, reply to the email with your feedback. Please reply promptly. We suggest within a week of submission. By default, your email will be sent to everyone on the list. If you feel the need to email the poet directly, you will need to modify the "to:" address. Regarding our feedback, we can provide suggestions for change or ask questions about the overall message of the poem if it is lost on us. But be aware that the lost message has as much to do with us as the reader as it has to do with the poem. Take enough time to review them so you can get a sense for their meaning and flow. Your feedback should: * highlight how the style can be changed to enhance the message of the poem * highlight how the language can be changed to enhance its message * highlight where something could be shortened or rephrased to be more poignant to strengthen the effect or meaning * identify where references might be too specific and as such might be 'dismissing' a segment of the potential audience * be specific * allow the poem to remain the poet's theme/message Your feedback should not: * change the poem's core to something that could have come from you * reflect your mood about this poem (irrelevant) When you provide feedback on a poem think about how you would like feedback delivered to you on your poem. - Thank you for being considerate! How do I leave the Workshop? In order to no longer receive LPVW emails, you must unsubscribe from the mailing list. To do this simply send an email to asking to be unsubscribed and one of the list managers will take care of it.