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Welcome to the Atlanta Living Soil Meetup Group!

The soil is an amazing, wild living system teeming with organisms. These microscopic critters are working within a system to provide exactly what a plant needs to become healthy and grow free from pests and disease. Understanding and working to improve soil biology is critical to any sustainable agriculture system. Using biology rather than chemistry or technology to manage soil health allows you to work with nature to feed your soil rather than rely on the crazy fertilizer and amendment rollercoaster of industrial farming practices.

This group is for anyone who is interested in:

• Understanding the elements of a healthy soil food web

• Improving their soil quality, fertility and plant health using biology

• Producing high quality compost, extracts and teas

• Managing the quality of what you grow using biology

Past events (6)

Soil Alive! Meet your strongest gardening partners.

Dunwoody Community Garden and Orchard

Make It - Actively Aerated Compost Tea!

Academe of the Oaks High School

Get Ready for Spring Gardening using Biology

Academe of the Oaks High School

Let's meet up and make some compost!

Academe of the Oaks High School

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