What we're about

Having fun with others exploring Sustainable Living. You may be interested in part or all of the topics. While we will look at ways to become more sustainable, one chooses for themselves what they want to do. We will look at topics monthly and offer ways to increase your use of Sustainable ways to live. The only requirement is an interest in Sustainability. Field Trips, Classes, and Practice in Sustainable techniques.

Why live Sustainably?
Financial Freedom —— by living sustainably you lower your expenses and retain the money you work hard for to put in savings.

Self -Reliability – knowing how to live sustainably means you can take care of yourself and your family even if times get tough.

Knowledge is Power — Sustainability is the future! Be a master of sustainability and it could become a career path and people will be looking to you as the expert.

Your Health – Learn how to grow your own produce. Eat fresh, not contaminated, food at a fraction of the price of buying.

Help your Community – living sustainably helps the environment, which also helps your community. We teach ways to bring your community into food sharing, living, and other ways to reduce your wasteful footprint.

Some of the topics include
1. Introduction to Sustainable Living and problems we face
2. Food Production, Preparation and Preservation
3. Solar Energy Capture and Transfer
4. Building Design and Construction
5. Retrofitting existing structures.
6. Financial Aspects of Sustainable Living
7. Eco-village Design
8. Recreation, Music and Arts in a Sustainable setting
9. Repair Reuse, only then Recycle
Some topics short and some long. Join us to find out more!

What are the benefits? Of course most people would say living sustainably is good for the environment…. True! But it is also a way to be in control of your own life, a way to increases resilience, and a way to be free to spend more time with family and friends. You will be eating fresh wholesome food, while reducing waste, and saving money!

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Net Zero Homes a free course

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Sustainable Living Fair Glastonbury Sept 14

First Church of Christ

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