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A women's group that meets twice a month for discussion topics that deal with women's issues in a judgment free-zone, and other social events.

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Remember Love: Part Two

Slover Library

When is it time to fight for love? When is it time to throw in the towel? How do you show proof of your love? What kind of love resonates the strongest in your life? Now that Valentine's Day is over, let's dig deeper into our love lifes both positive and negative aspects. It's gonna get real folks.

Work it Girl: Part One


Come on girls, let's get to work. If you're working at your dream job, that's awesome! If you're not, that's okay too. Does one of your long term goals include a stellar career where you're the boss of yourself? What does a stellar career sound like to you? What steps can you take to ensure you're happy in your work life? Let's talk!

Work It Girl: Part Two

Slover Library

Working hard or hardly working? Are there ever moments where you'd rather just be on a six month vacation, twice a year? Or are you a workaholic that never takes a vacation no matter what your boss tells you? Let's talk about some tips on how to avoid overloading from work and staying happy at your workplace.

Parenthood: Part One


This month is dedicated to all the mothers in our group! Whether you have one kid or more, whether you have fur babies, or are thinking about having children in the future, let's discuss everything involved in that thing called parenthood. Bring the tissues... it's gonna get real!

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Glamourfication Show

318 Whealton Rd


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