What we're about

In this inspirational uplifting group, we will include the power of intention along with the law of attraction and the power of partnership to create miraculous results in our lives. We will play with actively moving from fear to love and trust, and explore how to improve our lives and the lives of others through positive thinking, good feeling, intentionality and aligned action. Our meetings will include motivational movies or CD excerpts from various progressive thinkers and teachers, insightful experiential exercises, enlightening group processes and opportunities to share, connect with and support each other.

Challenging times call us to sharpen our focus, clarify our intention, take action consistent with our deepest desires and to surrender to trusting Spirit and Law of attraction like never before. They also call us to leave our houses and entrenched fearful minds, to reach out and empower each other in the deepest, most meaningful and impactful ways. Believe me, there are people making lots of money right now, experiencing profound health, joyous relationships and wondrous living, and you can too!

If you are familiar with The Secret and the messages of Abraham Hicks, or if you simply have a burning desire to experience more depth, purpose and abundance in every area of your life and are excited about the possibility of creating bliss well beyond your wildest imaginings, then I invite you to join our group.

I promise, that from each and every event, you will leave feeling inspired, excited about life's endless possibilities, and more in touch with what you can think and do to creatively manifest your heart-felt desires.

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