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Philosopher Alex Rosenberg's "The Atheist's Guide to Reality" sketches out the new 'nice' nihilism: there is only the material world, no true free will and no absolute basis for morality, yet we have mostly shared, evolutionary-based values, strive to be happy and mostly succeed. But... is that it? Is there anything to believe in beyond our own desires? How should we try to be happy if there is no privileged view of how to live? I'd like the group to read and discuss Rosenberg's book and related works to try to answer these questions.

People who join will likely be atheists and accept that there are no absolute moral values... or are at least interested in the implications of these positions, since my goal (subject to change?) is to take them as given and try to figure out how we should live and treat 'moral' and other decisions assuming their truth. Although I think some background in philosophy or psychology may be useful, none is required, and Rosenberg's book does not assume any.

I look forward to getting started as soon as a few people join. Please do if you're interested.

Thanks. - Marc

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