What we're about

This is a support group for those who are challenged with depression, anxiety, emotional instability, and other forms of mental struggles.

The goals for this group are:

1. Give us a reason to get out of the house and be around people. (Big Victory!)

2. Provide a place for people like us to talk about our mental struggles and how it affects our life.

3. To share our perspectives and experiences with one another and to encourage steps that will help with the struggles we face.

4. To touch upon topics that are relative to our struggles, encourage thought, and give us all more perspective.

No matter what we are struggling with we all struggle. We all have similarities with what we are going through. I hope that this group will highlight what we have in common and remind us all that we are not alone.

We do not and should not have to struggle alone.

Upcoming events (1)

LwDA&EI Meeting on Sunday, 9/27/20 at Weaver Library. East Providence at 1 PM

East Providence Public Library

Co-organizer Ike is hosting a meeting of Living with Depression, Anxiety & Emotional Instability on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 1 PM on the lawn and picnic tables of the Weaver (East Providence Public) Library, 41 Grove St., East Providence, RI. The same rules will apply - once i get everybody's RSVPs, I will send all of you the East Providence Public Library rules and regulations regarding outside meetings there, including steps for proper social distancing, wearing masks and other rules. Please, and this is very important, everybody bring either a lawn or folding chair or a blanket so everybody can observe proper social distancing techniques. If you don't have a chair or blanket and require one, please contact me before the meeting at either (401) 474 - 1567 or [masked]. There are three picnic benches that can be utilized at Weaver but please bring a chair or blanket anyhow, if you can, so everybody can have a good seat. I will call an extended break at or before 2 PM, either 20 or 25 minutes, so people can use restroom facilities at the Sunoco Station/Dunkin' Donuts on 481 Warren Avenue, East Providence, just a few blocks away from the Library. Warren Avenue is also known as Route 6. Then when we reassemble for group we can meet as long as we want, perhaps going over the 3 PM end time to the group if need be. The regular rules and formatting of Dion's usual group at Bell Street Chapel, Providence, will be followed. Also, it was agreed that i would send a "sneak preview" of the Topic/Question of the Day for the upcoming meeting. Now, please understand, the question will be in more complete form and with better grammar when i ask it next Sunday, but here is a preview of the Topic/Question of the DAY for 9/27: "Let's talk about perseverance. How much perseverance have you shown in your life to get you through your particular challenges?" (There will be more added to this question). Please reach out to me at either contact information if you have any questions prior to the group. In the meantime, I hope all group members are staying safe, sane and active and are keeping their minds and bodies healthy and active. See y'all on 927/20 and be well, Ike

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