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Have you experienced a loss?

Does your grief sometimes feel impossible to navigate? Do you feel like you should "suck it up" and "be okay," even when you really aren't? Have you had a hard time finding the right kind of support or processing group for the type of grief you're experiencing?

Then this group may be right for you!

I have experienced several major types of loss (bereavement, loss of relationship, loss of job, etc.) and have also been through what's known as "compound loss" which is one loss piled on top of another.

Most significant was that my sister died when we were teenagers. After moving through the "Five Stages of Grief", I was functioning well but I wasn't happy like before. I consulted many religion-based and psychology-based experts who basically said I was expecting too much. They seemed to feel that I should settle for getting my life activities back to "normal" -- but I wasn't willing to settle. I recently concluded multi-year research on methods for growing into joy after grief.

I am a natural learner as well as a natural teacher. I figured that there had to be others in the DFW area who are like me. You want to process your grief. You want to learn *through* it. You want a safe place to fall apart whenever you need to. You want a place where whatever you say will not be judged. You want resources and support. You want to learn. You crave finding something that makes life worth living, even though what you have experienced could give you an easy "out" -- but something inside of you wants to choose differently.

If anything I've said here resonates, please join!!

I plan to host a variety of classes that will be open to grievers of all kinds-- all faiths, all types of loss, and all backgrounds are welcome. (This group is not religion-based.) We will use writing, art, and conversation to process grief. You do NOT have to be a writer to join! It is just another kind of outlet, and it's one that can be extremely powerful when you have an understanding and supportive environment in which to explore your feelings.

My goal is to create a safe space for you to process, to be, and to grieve -- and keep moving forward into joy.

I welcome you, fellow griever.

You are not alone.

(For clarity: This is a Meetup group of persons who have known grief. I am not a therapist and therefore cannot offer Grief Therapy. I encourage you to use your own judgment and seek out a licensed therapist who is qualified to provide that service if you require it. There are a lot of good resources in this area. Call your health insurance company and see if mental health is covered, and ask them how to proceed if it is. Your church probably has grief support or counseling available as well, so check with them. For a more general search, pull up your search engine and search on "Grief support in YourCity TX" or "Grief therapy in YourCity TX".

This is the list of the Grief Resource Networks hotlines. https://griefresourcenetwork.com/crisis-center/hotlines/)

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