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AWAKENING to Evolutionary Relationship to LIFE Sunday Supper! Part IV

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This Sunday is the Final Experience of Awakening to Evolutionary Relationship to Life!


Start off with a refreshing cup of Cherry Watermelon Fruit Soup

Wrap some Tahini rich Holy Kale Salad made with Farmer Peter's super mineralized greens around a piece of Sweet Onion Bread

End your Raw Gourmet experience with a memorable bite ofAlmond Butter Fudge


ANGELA will continue her


Grace practices are about cultivating self-awareness and choice. Two weeks ago week we began a 4 week series of practices which Angela is sharing from her experience participating in a course on Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life. She is sharing information about and guiding us through self-reflective exercises in exploring and comparing 3 different aspects or dimensions of ourselves as human beings, getting a clear sense of the differences between them and how we can integrate them in our daily lives.

In Week 1 (May 26), we explored the Evolutionary Self – the creative impulse of the universe awakening and becoming self-conscious within us.

In Week 2 (June 9), we explored The Ground of Being – the part of ourselves that is beyond time and place and free of everything.

In Week 3 (June 16), we explored the Ego – getting to know our own ego intimately in a way that we’re not afraid of it.

In Week 4 (June 23) Angela will lead us through an experiential exploration and comparison of these 3 parts of ourselves in which we may discover what we see and how we approach and interact with the world from each.

This series of practice sessions can reveal a great deal in a short time and give us a sense of the relative ease with which we can access and move between these different parts of the self and cultivate the freedom and ability to start to choose, in each moment, which one we’re going to live from. Although each week will have value and usefulness in itself, it is strongly suggested that for full benefit, you attend and participate in all 4 weeks.

The Practicalities! Because raw food can be so intensive requiring planning and advanced execution (think dehydrating among others), please RSVP in a timely manner so the Chefs may have an idea of how much food to collect and prepare and will have enough for everyone. I suggest, if possible by Noon on Saturday (but please do not let it stop you from coming otherwise, as the more the better and we love seeing you.)

We always gather around the table promptly at 5:30 P.M. to share the Healthy and Delicious Food choices and Table Conversations, in the context of an ongoing loving community. After Dinner we'll clear the tables for sharing circle and closing raw communion and prayers for the world. Our community building cleanup and post prandial hangout time begins around 7 pm.

Sunday Supper is a weekly gathering sponsored by Christ the Healer UCC, a DIY church open to all and of special appeal to those interested in transformational spiritual practices, including sharing a communal table blessed with gorgeous living food. Your $10-20 sliding scale donation helps us reimburse our volunteer chefs, pay the rent and feed all who wish to come regardless of ability to pay.