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Trilotherapy Level 1 Saturday Sessions

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Join us for 7 Saturday afternoons to complete Level 1 Trilotherapy training, transformation and awakening!

This is a STEAL and please note a ONE TIME ONLY deal in preparation for Zen Master, Nissim Amon's Level 2 Trilotherapy Retreat in the Fall (these sessions are a prerequisite to attend the Zen Trilotherapy Retreat - Sept. 12-17th)

"Trilotherapy is the most effective way of hacking into your sub-consciousness and transcending issues by establishing new routes of communication for inner health and physical well-being." "A revolutionary way for experiencing an awakening! Strengthen YOUR CENTER. Be the leader of your MIND and EMOTIONS "


People from all walks of life suffer from inner conflict between mind and emotion which can lead to discomfort, confusion, sadness and sometimes physical and mental illness. Trilotherapy creates and maintains health and harmony between mind and emotion by artfully combining Western Psychology and Zen Buddhism.

These healing sessions will be facilitated by Students of Zen Master Nissim Amon, creator of Trilotherapy. Nissim is a gifted world-class teacher and therapist who travels the world delivering workshops, retreats and lectures, and training Trilotherapists. His knowledge, wisdom and intuition of the human condition are profound, and he compassionately applies these gifts through his teachings and training.

Zen Master, Nissim Amon's students will be leading you in 10 powerful Trilotherapy sessions.

Dates (subject to change)

Saturday Afternoons -
From 1pm - 4pm

February 15th

March 29th

May 10th

May 24th

June 21st
July 5th

July 19th

August Social Zen Gathering

Sessions to be covered (and More!):

Love in Childhood - Break FREE from a painful childhood
Karmic Imprints - Bring awareness to your patterns/ WHY you are stuck and what to do about it
Color Map of your Life Hawk and Rooster - Which are you? What does it mean?
Energy Management/ 4 Elements Trust - Is lack of self trust and trusting others holding you back?
Die Before you Die
Onmipresence - Who are you, really?
Breathwork - Gain clarity, insight, direct experience
Zen Meditation - Awaken “center”
Pillow Trilotherapy sessions - Balance Head and Heart

*Balance your head and your heart and awaken "center" *Reduce your suffering and Experience more Inner Peace than you ever imagined possible
*Uncover your programming from childhood and learn how to dismantle these belief systems and FREE yourself
* Awaken to the truth of who you really are and learn powerful tools to heal and transform your life and help others do the same

ONLY - $299 for ALL Sessions!

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**These 10 session are a prerequisite for attending the Fall Retreat, September 12 - 17th - when Zen Master Nissim Amon returns to Canada.**

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