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    Update 10/14 Looking to continue to share my home I've tried it and it was great. I would be happy to have a seasonal housemate Nov 1 -April 30 or any part of that period. My recent housemates were women relocating to Sarasota and new jobs etc.
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    Hi! I'm passionate about intentional communities and the cohousing concept. It is an exciting project and will be the way of the future. Since 250 characters doesn't even scratch the surface of my bio, you'll just have to get to know me.
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    Welcome! I was one of the coordinators for the Kick Off event in March, 2010. Since then I have attended various "tribe" meetings and am committed to keeping the momentum going. Glad you are with us. Laughing and learning together builds community.
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    Hi! Shells here. How can I help?