Canceled Meetup

Community Healing Circle

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In a warm comforting environment with quiet music and a coherent energy field, we invit you to release what burdens you.

We are a group of Energy healers and Light Workers offering our assistance to the community one Monday a month. We often work with patterns in the context of a person's life that have subtly held the difficulties in place. Shifting is more about how you perceive yourself in relation to the issue rather than the issue itself. Use of a cutting-edge consciousness technology integrating quantum science—subtle energy, morphic fields, non-linear time, parallel universe theory, and more--shifts light and information that makes up our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Enjoy yourself in a peaceful, easy state while creating new possibilities.

Shifting occurs like magic as new informational states come into awareness! These patterns are fields of information which form an active, resonating matrix. The matrix and its interconnections provide a continuum for rapid, coherent intercommunication throughout the body. The vibrations in this matrix can be changed, so anyone can collapse a current reality, such as an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions, and introduce new information that produces new possibilities.

Please join us and let us know so we watch for you.

This Meetup is by donation, suggested $10.