What we're about

Let's come together at the beginning of this year...
You are invited take a step closer to yourself with this healing work and offered a combination of systemic constellations, energy medicine awareness, consciousness, ceremony, knowledge of old cultures, incense, prayers, healing songs and the company of mother Cacao plant.

All and everything is shared. This healing work is based on respect and appreciation of each individual. Healing space is created with mutual presence and exploration of past.

Goal is to explore ourselves together and to connect with our souls and ancestors.

We are letting go of what we no longer need and inviting the new. Present moment is the time when everything can happen and we have the possibility to consciously step out of old patterns.

What answers can be found and for whom is this healing space ment to?

For anyone who is feeling stuck in a certain situation in life, with no solutions, maybe is in the middle of life crisis or ongoing conflicts.
For anyone who is feeling out of balance, overwhelmed with emotions or standing in front of life crossroad.

This healing safe space can expose the root of addictions, bring strength and certainty on existing life topics and help stabilize relationships we create with partners, family members or people around us.

I am in anticipation to meet you and to share this healing safe environment that we create together.


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