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The Aim of this group is to promote the Social wellbeing of Singles, Couples, Divorced, Separated and Widowed, who enjoy a Pub atmosphere, with regular social events at which they can interact with others in a similar situation. Hopefully, members will be able to forge new friendships and relationships, although the group is not intended to be a dating agency.. Primarily focused on the 35+ age group, events will predominantly be held on Wednesday evenings although this will not exclude events being held on other days of the week and at other times. Based around the Locksheath, Warsash, Sarisbury Green and Park Gate areas, members from Titchfield, Fareham, Hedge End and beyond will also be welcomed. As the group is intended to be a non profit making organisation a small membership fee of £5.00 will be payable after members have attended 2 meetups, just to cover website administration fees. Membership is open to all with no tiresome vetting procedure. It is hoped that this group will appeal to those who have become disenfranchised from other groups and feel unable to continue the friendships that they have already made within those groups, or those who are dissatisfied with the way that the group that they are currently a member of is run. It is hoped that members will attend events through a genuine desire to be with others and not because they have been pressurised in some way to be there.


Aims:- To promote the Social wellbeing of Singles Couples, Divorced and Widowed in the 35+ age group with regular social events at which they can interact and forge new friendships with others in a similar situation.


Primarily centred around the Locksheath, Warsash, Sarisbury Green and Park Gate areas but extending as far as Fareham, Titchfield, Portchester, Hedge End and Eastleigh


Events are to be scheduled at least once a week, mainly comprising Pub nights, but will also include Coffee Mornings, Meals, Pub Quizzes, Walks, Bands, Discos, Bowling, and other events which event organisers deem of interest.

Group Management:-

The management of the group will be vested in The Group Organiser, and a team of event organisers (collectively known as the committee and not to exceed 12 in total), to be appointed on an ad hoc basis by the Group Organiser. Initially the Group Organiser will seek volunteers to fill these positions. The Group Organiser will schedule quarterly meetings of the event organisers to plan future events. The committee will reserve the right to introduce guidance as they deem necessary to ensure the good governance of the group.


Membership shall be open to all those single, couples, divorced, separated or widowed within the target age group of 35+. As age is just a number there will be no age ceiling.

A membership fee of £5.00 will fall due when a member attends their third meetup and should be paid to one of the Event Organisers. It would be appreciated if members would upload a photo of themselves, preferably a head shot, so as they can be recognised at meetups. Members who neither visit the web site nor attend an event for over 6 months will be removed from the list of members but may re-apply if they wish.

Members who are excluded under Event guidline 4) will not be entitled to any refund. The committee will reserve the right to exclude members whose behaviour is deemed offensive to others or contravenes the aims of the group


The group will hold both Bank and Paypal Accounts for the purposes of paying administration fees and fees for paid events. Event organisers may collect fees and pass them to the Group Organiser. Any surpluses at the end of a financial year will be used to organise a free or subsidised Christmas event

Event Guidlines:-

1) All event organisers will be requested to maintain an accurate record of those attending events and will be responsible for editing the attendance after the event, recording “No Shows” on the meetup site.
2) All event organisers should have all their e-mail settings turned on, and ensure that they turn on the e-mail notifications when posting an event
3) Members changing their RSVP to “No” less that 2 hours before the commencement of an event will be recorded as a “No Show” unless there are exceptional circumstances
4) Members who record more than 3 “No Shows” in one year will be excluded from the group and not be allowed to rejoin
5) All members should ensure that their e-mail settings are turned on so as Event Organisers are able to private message them if the need arises
6) Event Organisers are soley responsible for organising and hosting their own events. The group’s Organiser shall not have the prerogative to intervene or interfere with the event without prior consultation with the Event Organiser unless there is a genuine error or something detrimental to the group about the event
7) The Group’s Organiser is not entitled to a wild card entry to events and must RSVP to events in the same manner as all other members
8) The Group Organiser will refrain from adding people to events to which they have not RSVP’d without permission from the people concerned


1) The group will not accept any responsibility for any losses, damage, or personal injuries sustained by members whilst participating in an event organised by the group. As most events will be of the indoor variety, all such claims should be directed to the venue’s public liability insurance. In the case of outdoor events such as walks, event organisers should get all participants to sign a waiver form absolving the group from all responsibilities. Failure to do so will leave the event organiser liable.
2) Event Organisers will pay due regard to Health and Safety legislation when posting and hosting events and ensure the availability of any protective measures if and when required..
3) Event Organisers are responsible for the financial success or failure of their own events and will have to absorb any losses that they may incur. It will not be within the group’s remit to underwrite any losses incurred by Event Organisers

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