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Play at Our Monday Eve Group Tennis Class, Instruction - Lesson and Hit Around
Do come and play some tennis with us! $10 cash or credit online. 12 spots available Bring your, racquet, tennis shoes, and plenty of water~and sweats... Lesson drills are for unrated players up through 3.5 NTRP. Coach is Nate H. Format: Optional warm-ups at 5:45 or when courts open. Followed by a fun group tennis lesson on general techniques. Time will be devoted to each aspect of the game based on your level. This will be a fun workout! So tell me first if you can't run... In addition to coaching and drills, this session also includes an informal hit around with coaching to activate your new shots. Lombard Tennis Meetup has a doubles play meetup following this lesson and you are invited to stay and play for free! Lessons will continue in the future at about the same time. Everyone can keep learning and improving. Nate has successfully coached players to advance their tennis game, some to the national level. He is also a winning a State 18+ Singles and Team Tennis Title holder for Oakbrook Tennis Club. He is a USTA team captain at Hinsdale Racquet Club. He won the 2016 Gladiator of the Year award, winning the most games out of more than 850 players. Anyone interested in meetup-sponsored, reduced-rate private tennis coaching lessons, please contact him in private messages. Any questions large or small please contact Nate in private messages please. Dues are $20.00 annually for this group, well below most other tennis options! Event payments and donations are accepted on line at: Have a tennis equipment question? Please consult with one of our sponsors, with shops in Darien and Naperville. Great stringing service and professional staff. For those who aren't sure what to try I use Luxilon Big Banger 125 ALU (smooth) in the Mains at 58 lbs psi with a hybrid cross string of Babolat Tonic Longevity 16 G natural gut. This is not a cheap combination but gives you the same advantage 70% of pro players have in their strings. Get yourself on an undefeated streak go to for times or drop in at At 6800 S Route 83 #4 Darien or 924 W 75th St Naperville. NH If you wish to become a sponsor of our LAOTG and LTM groups, please contact Nate in private messages. Thanks

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Welcome to the Lombard Area Outdoor Tennis Group’s 7th year!

We have players ranging in age from late teens to 60’s, married and single-

We have players ranging in skill level from beginner to 4.5 NTRP. We definitely get competitive games going, but at the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously - when you join us at the Meetups, always be friendly, learn the other member’s names and have fun.

There is a night for Beginner/Advanced Beginners Tennis and the rest of the Meetups are for Intermediate players and up~

This year I hope to schedule a lot more tournaments- there will be separate tournaments for players 3-3.4 level and 3.5 and above~

Also, you must have a recognizable photo of yourself posted,,,sorry no cartoons, pics. of flowers, etc. I will always try to match you with players who are close to your playing ability. If we have odd numbers we will play Canadian doubles and rotate to give everyone a chance. If you want to make comments, I prefer you do this in my private messages. If there's something the group should know, I will pass it on. Negative comments or weather forecasts should always be in my private to keep our attendance high. As a general rule I will only cancel a meetup for weather reasons about an hour before the meetup. I usually WILL NOT cancel a meetup unless rain is IN THE AIR one hour or less before the meetup. Otherwise I will sweep and dry the courts for us. We never cancel for clouds, wind or low temps unless below 40 degrees. If the meetup is cancelled I will place this in the comments section of the meetup event usually about 1 hour before the event. Nate H.

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