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What we're about

London Luxury

The after-hours meetup for London's luxury goods
and HNW-services folk

Who comes?

All sorts:

• People who sell jets; people who waitress tables on jets.
• People who sell luxury consumer goods, such as fashion or jewellery, and people who somehow make a living writing about those things.
• People who look after other people's money, and the people who love them.

Really, it's anyone whose product, service or job brings them into contact with HNWs, including retail staff, family office staff, PR or media. Job seekers and job changers are welcome at LonLux, especially those who are really burning to make their mark working for an interesting company or entrepreneur.

Who cares?
It's fun to meet new people who have the same customers, opportunities and problems as you. Plus, LonLux has some amazing speakers from the world of luxury business, making short but fascinating speeches to educate and entertain, in between drinks and nibbles.

Who pays?
LonLux is free to all. It's not meant to make money but to bring people together, helping them to swap know-how, jobs and contacts in what can otherwise be a disjointed and mysterious industry. LonLux is made possible by the very decent people at Dryland, the luxury business members club and serviced-offices company in High St Ken and elsewhere. All we ask is that you give us/Dryland a mention, somewhere, somehow.

Where and when?

7pm at Dryland, 96 Kensington High Street. In the summer it’s the last Thursday of every month; in winter less often.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to both sign up on Meetup AND rsvp for the date you’d like to come. No rsvp = no entry - sorry! If Meetup.com isn’t showing a date for an upcoming event then there’s no LonLux that month. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be emailed by Meetup.com every time a new date is announced.

Jason Dunne,

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