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We, a non service providing group of thrill seeking hiking 'buddies', are dedicated to ascending peaks and enjoying panoramic views. We organise hikes in the hills around the country and abroad - occasionally going away on several days hiking trips. For each day's hike we generally aim to achieve at least 1000ft in total ascent and at least 12 miles distance. In the modest peaks in the south east this will mean linking several hills together which will sometimes lead to lengthier walks. On trips to the national parks we will endeavour to choose challenging walks taking in the major peaks (therefore bagging that magical 1000ft easily). If you are interested in some serious, decent paced hill and fell walking – and can sign up to our terms and conditions, sign up to our group. By joining this group you are signing up to the disclaimer here

How we run our meetups
We provide information about an activity, meetup point, how to get there and where necessary where to stay overnight. The information provided are just plans, and like all plans you should know that unforeseen circumstances can force or require those plans to change; and for this group non of our organisers or members should be held liable for those changes.

BEFORE JOINING OUR TRIPS OUTSIDE LONDON: You must meet organisers of such events first and well before the out of London event starts!

London 1000ft Hiking Club Terms and Conditions
We do not have leaders, tour guides, instructors, or experts. To describe and post a hike does not constitute nor should it convey any guarantee of safety, its succes nor the assumption of liability. To organise is to assemble details, disseminate information, and provide a little cohesion to an event by being the single point of contact for the participants. We do not provide any service nor do we tell you what to do. If you choose to ignore our or where it applies the guide's suggestions and recommendations you are well within your rights to do so - at your own risk and cost. Our suggestions and recommendations within trip descriptions are based upon the greater fund of knowledge presented by hiking literature and search & rescue teams in general. You are strongly encouraged to do your own research, take hiking and navigation advice, and make your own plans to ensure your own safety, wherever and whatever you are doing.

All our events require a good fitness level - you are required to be healthy and fit at the time of turning up for each event you sign up to.
We value cooperativeness and getting along.
Hiking is a hobby to us - so don't spoil it for us and the group. We therefore reserve the right to exclude people who are disruptive and show uncooperative, ill-mannered and welfare-threatening behaviours to others.
You must not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate any other person including organisers of this group. We reserve the right to remove your membership (and all of your content), and terminate your rights under these Terms of Use without notice, if you take part in this conduct. \

We are NOT a travel agent and at no time are we liable for any costs that you might incur or would have incurred before being excluded from our group. Once again, we are a meetup group - an 'unincorporated association' and NOT a company, club, organisation or a charity - we have NO legal or financial obligations over any of our members and are NOT liable for any loss incured while participating in events organised by members or organisers of this group. The best way to see our group is you have a bunch of hiking buddies to go on a hiking event with!
If something goes wrong you cannot reasonably expect the rest of the group to provide professional medical attention or professional rescue – hiking often entails being many miles from prompt help. YOU must take this into consideration and YOU must take steps to reduce YOUR risk of injury, illness or other things that can go wrong - YOU must adequately insure yourself against any risks associated with our activities. This is true no matter who you hike with - your best friend, or an organised trip with the The London 1000ft Hiking Club. Wherever you go or whoever you go with, it is in your best interest to know the risks you are taking, ensure yourself against them and how to minimise the risks whilst participating in our events.

Once a payment for an event has been made NO refund can be given unless the event is cancelled by the organiser(s).
You can however recover your payments by selling your place to someone else meeting the fitness requirements of the event. YOU are responsible for the sale of your place - do not expect the organiser(s) of the event to do it for you (although they might assist in the sale if their time allows).
If you don't like it, don't take part!
We sometimes run costs recovery events to cover costs encurred during running this meetup group - obviously you are within your right not to attend such events where payment is required. Any of the mentioned above applies to such events.

By signing up for one of our walks you have agreed that you have understood and will adhere to these terms and conditions.

David & Ray (Meetup group co-creators)

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