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Thursday Night Game of Thrones LCG at Dark Sphere
Regular Thursday Night gaming. Mostly Joust, but melee can be done on request. There are normally 6-12 players attending on Thursdays (most don't use meet-up). This event is part of Dark Sphere's regular Thursday LCG night. You will find other LCGs being played but AGoT 2.0 always has a solid presence. Dark Sphere charges a £1 fee per person for seating. This covers you for the whole evening. Dark Sphere does allow food and drink in the gaming area but please do be respectful of other players as it can get a little cramped. Full rules and guidelines here. ( The front of the play area is set up with large tables for Warhammer; 40K; X-Wing etc while the back rows are for card games. Most of the card tables will be populated by MTG players but we generally take the whole of the first row of card tables and sometimes a bit of the next row. Please also remember to support the venue. Dark Sphere does charge a small cover fee for playing there but their bread and butter is selling games. When you can please remember to get your Chapter Packs, sleeves, deck boxes etc from Dark Sphere.

Dark Sphere

Arch 186 Hercules Road London · SE1 7LD

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This is a group for people interested in the A Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd Edition in the Greater London area. We play both competitively and casually every Monday and Thursday. We play both Joust and Melee. We're more than happy to teach any newbies!

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