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Using the Ladder of Inference for improved communication

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In this meetup we will introduce a tool called The Ladder of Inference and practice using it to improve mutual learning.

Recommended Pre-Reading: Racing Up the Ladder of Inference ( by Ed Batista

The Ladder of Inference is a model for the steps that we unconsciously follow in a conversation: we select some of the available data, we interpret the data and assign meaning to it, we develop theories and beliefs that explain our interpretations, and then we act based on those theories and beliefs as though they were true. Each step of the ladder happens so quickly and effortlessly that we are generally convinced by the illusion that our theories reflect reality.

In our previous meetup we worked with the Two Column Case Study to become more aware of when our communication strategies were failing us. In this session we will examine how we can use the Ladder as a tool for generating more effective action.

Additional Reading:

• The Ladder of Inference ( by Philip McArthur

• The Ladder of Inference ( by Benjamin Mitchell

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