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Michael A. Rodriguez - 7-Day Retreat in Greece
You are invited to a 7 day Summer retreat in Greece with author and teacher Michael A. Rodriguez - Living and Loving As Boundless Awareness, 20 – 27 July 2018, from €450 (Kissos Campus). A Week of Non-duality Meetings in Greece 20 – 27 July 2018 In addition to being great fun in a gorgeous setting, this retreat will consist of a rare opportunity to sit together in an intimate space of deep-rooted Presence that involves a profound inquiry into whatever appears to be blocking or veiling your inherent mental, emotional, and somatic freedom. Although Michael’s approach is deeply rooted in radical non-duality, various schools of Buddhism (particularly Zen), and Jungian psychology, you can have any spiritual or therapeutic affiliation in order to engage in this work with him. In this retreat, Michael will offer a fresh, simple approach to the evolution of consciousness that honors both the non-evolutionary and the evolutionary paths of spiritual awakening. Using a variety of modalities and drawing both from the world’s wisdom traditions and also from mythology, classic literature, music, and visual art, we’ll will spend the week awakening to, embodying, and integrating the sacred reality of boundless, loving Awareness. Throughout the retreat, you will discover that when the sense of separation falls away, life is revealed to be what it always was: pure radiation from a dimensionless source of infinite Intelligence and boundless Love. Then the body becomes what it was meant to be: pure, vibrant, flowing aliveness—undivided, undefended sensitivity, innocence, love, affection, and intimacy. Upon awakening, the body-mind becomes the faithful servant of the boundless Heart of Loving Awareness. This retreat will emphasize friendship and community, but private sessions will also be available to those who wish to meet with Michael one-on-one. The retreat is in Kissos which is a mountain village in the municipal unit of Mouresi, in the eastern part of Magnesia, Greece. Set in a lovely hillside area overlooking the Aegean sea, Kissos is a village about 25 miles/35 km (an hour’s drive) from the city and port of Volos, Greece’s 6th largest city. The village is notable for its 16th Century ornate Greek Orthodox church and its fine tavernas specialising in regional dishes. You can find information for travelling to the retreat here: For bookings and further information please go to: About Michael A. Rodriguez Michael A. Rodriguez is a spiritual teacher who works with people in meetings, retreats, and private sessions on a full-time basis in the United States and abroad. He holds four academic degrees, including a master's degree in comparative religion from Harvard and a PhD in English literature from Florida State University; taught at the university level for well over a decade; and has lived long-term in two monasteries. Drawing always from his direct experience, Michael illuminates the undivided nature of Life or Consciousness with great clarity and compassion, pointing to reality in a way that is free from dogma, ritual, or adherence to any particular tradition. Michael draws skillfully from the world's wisdom traditions and also integrates Jungian psychology, literature, music, and art into his work to address the full range of human potential. His book--Boundless Awareness: A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening and Freedom from Suffering is available at:// His interviews on Buddha at the Gas Pump and his website:

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