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Nathan Gill Friday 12 October and Social

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The Cheshire Cheese

5 Little Essex Street Temple, WC2R 3LD · London

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We are in the upstairs bar. The Cheshire Cheese pub is locatated in the laneways off the strand not far from Temple tube. The pub is on the corner of Little Essex St and Milford Lane.

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You are invited to a meeting with Nathan Gill on Friday 12 October. We are very pleased to have Nathan speak for us again after a very popular meeting in May.

There is a £10 charge for the meeting.

There is a social afterwards which will begin at 9pm and we can order Pizza. There is no charge if you want to just come for the social. If you want Pizza you will need to give a £5 contribution.

The event takes place at 7.00pm in the Upstairs Private Bar of the Cheshire Cheese pub:

5 Little Essex Street
London, WC2R 3LD

Nathan was one of the pioneers of modern non-duality. He wrote his first article for the 1999 issue of Self Enquiry magazine, after his spiritual search ended in 1998. In response to requests from readers he wrote the booklet Clarity.

Public meetings followed and Non-Duality Press published his first book, Already Awake, in 2004 and then Being: the Bottom Line two years later. Shortly afterwards Nathan withdrew from public speaking and retired to his home rural Kent, UK, and his work as a gardener.

Nathan is respected by established writers such as Jeff Foster, Joan Tollifson and Rick Linchitz as a clear and uncompromising writer and speaker. In the last decade the language and debate about non-duality have grown and diversified, but Nathan’s writing remains a benchmark of clarity.

We read that various teachers have realised that they are not the doer and then we decide that we obviously cannot be awake because there is very much a sense of personal doership or separate “I-ness” present in our lives.

Well, the lack of a personal doer may be appropriate in the case of certain teachers, but why should you wait for doership to disappear? You might wait for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, your search for awakeness continues. If there is only Consciousness, only the One here, then its expression as you must be equally as valid as its expression as a “teacher”. There is no advantage to doership or non-doership. It is all equally Consciousness.”

First published in Self Enquiry, the Review of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK, Vol 7, No 3, December 1999, pp77-80.

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