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David Bingham & Social Friday 11th Janary

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You are invited to a meeting with David Bingham. David is a communicator of Non-duality who is based in the UK.

There is a £10 charge for the meeting. There is a social afterwards which will begin at 9pm and we can order Pizza. There is no charge if you want to just come at 9pm for the social. If you want Pizza you will need to give a £5 contribution.

The events takes place on Friday January 11th at 7pm in the Upstairs Private Bar of the Cheshire Pub

5 Little Essex Street

You can find many interviews with David on and David's website is

Non Conceptual Awareness is the Awareness within which all experiences arise. It is the Knower of everything that is known. Presence-Awareness-Existence is the totality. It is untouched by all relative phenomena that arises within it. We cannot move towards It nor away from It. It is never lost or concealed. It is the Timeless, Infinite Being that we truly are.


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