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London’s Artificial Intelligence Futurists

This is a group for anyone interested in, or even wants to shape, the future. In particular we are focusing on the development and the impact of Artificial (General) Intelligence (AGI), Human Level Human Level Machine Intelligence (HLMI), Machine Learning, Robotics, Personal Robots, Intelligent Agents, Semantic Networks, theories about Human Intelligence, etc. The acceleration of technology provides more and more possibilities to achieve HLMI.

According to Ray Kurzweil “The Singularity is near” and it will bring radical changes to all of us. Taking part of the HLMI creating adventure actively and discussing its impact on us makes it an exciting development and the major aim of this group. What’s your view? How do you think HLMI could be achieved? Are we entering into a new brilliant age? What does HLMI means in comparison to human intelligence? Do you think of a “Human 2.0” or “Human+”? Are you keen to create HLMI? Should principle rules for AGI been established?

Anybody is welcome to this group – HLMI/AGI needs anthropology, philosophy, mathematics, physics, psychology, computer science, brilliant programmers, and so on – to shape HLMI and discuss its impact everyone is welcome. The future belongs to us all!

Join the debate, share your opinion and meet interesting new people.

Upcoming topics

Cutting through the complexity and simplify it is in particular import in an AI-context. To do so, here a couple of upcoming topics:

We will question the doctrine of the human uniqueness in order to find basic repeating patterns. To do so will not be a huge issue. A lot of research is available that shows us what we need to know for understanding the way a HLMI could look like.

Once we’ve got an understanding of the basic human patterns we are going to questioning the human intelligence. How could human intelligence be defined? What is the most promising intelligence frame work which could be used for HLMI? To answer these questions latest research results are very helpful. Just a glance at Jeff Hawkings OnIntelligence or Ray Kurzweils ”How to create a mind” shows us we will be able to define a framework for HLMI.

When we have a useful intelligence framework we will go further to synthesize it to the HLMI basic requirements.

Based on the HLMI we will be able to discuss the impact of a HLMI -System.

You like to discuss a specific topic at the meetup? Please let us know it!

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