What we're about

This is a group for anyone with an interest in Art Galleries, Museums & Culture. You will find the groups activities entertaining if you enjoy visiting Museums, like Literature, or study any other art related subjects. We meet to visit, and learn more about the Art & Culture on offer in London.

The group meets every Friday, visiting:

National Gallery (1st Friday)

V & A Museum (2nd Friday)

British Museum (3rd Friday)

Tate Modern (Last Friday of the Month)

Hope to meet soon

Upcoming events (4+)

The London Marketing Network Event - Free to Attend (@Bar & Eatery)

The Pavilion, 200 Aldersgate Street

The group meets to network at The Pavilion, a bar and place to grab a bite, near St.Paul's/Barbican, City of London at 6.30pm.


Attendee's introduce themselves briefly and describe their skills and the sector they work in.

The event is designed to help marketing professionals connect with business owners, service providers and suppliers of niche products, and for marketing professionals and newbie's alike to form ties that help amplify their collective reach.

Independent start ups will also find the group useful if searching for routes to market.

Business owners are encouraged to give a brief introduction of their business and what they think they can gain through a relationship with marketing professionals in attendance.

Online marketers also get the chance to expand upon their skillset and services as events start to get going!

The meetup is a regular weekly attraction anticipated to be a feature event at the new premises - The Pavilion,- located on the ground floor of a landmark building in the City of London.

The event brings together creatives in the City (& beyond) with marketing professionals in London that would like to get involved with projects from the ground floor up.


The meet and greet takes place in a boutique bar - themed with NFT art, with seats and tables present to help guide us through our thoughts, and idea's.

Pictorial aids may be used as necessary, should you wish to bring resources or diagrams.

We start by grabbing a few refreshments at the bar, before heading over to some comfy area's to kick back, enjoy a few drinks, and tune into some of the interesting and novel idea's London's innovative thinkers are coming up with!

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Sketch and Create. (Art + Bar & Eatery + Showcase your work in public :)

Hi, join us, as we go through our paces at the weekly sketch and draw, - Sketch and Create!

Drawing, digital art, sketching and photography are all part of the fun at this weekly event.

Please be aware that although the event is free to attend, there is a minimum drink + pastry/food purchase to meet as the venue has to cover its costs.

Sketch and Create is an artist lead event that brings together independent artists and creatives to spend a bit of time collaborating. You can bring existing painted works if you wish to display them after. (Please show photos to our team first so they can be displayed at a following event.)

  • After creating your latest masterpiece, the event really gets going, as you can choose to grab a spoon and jump into the wild west of digital art, - the gold rush driven by crypto-based, "NFT exchanges" - such as "Opensea!"

The idea is that you can Showcase your work (in public,) at any rate, as the event is hosted in a bar & restaurant.

You then have the option to attach a QR code, - and attract buyers straight to your online profile! ......

..... Disclaimer - Not everyone gets rich! :P - Also don't worry, - the display is totally optional. If you just enjoy the art and don't want to display any work, that's very much ok. :)

(In fact, It's often people that have already uploaded content onto exchanges like Opensea who will display their work during the evening!)

** It can help to reserve a spot before you arrive. The event is free and is usually fine to turn up at, but you can also ensure a place by pre-ordering before you arrive, in case the event does get extra busy.




During the art session, participants can work in pairs/groups or on a solo project.

The interesting quirk of the event, is the eventual display of participants art, in a City of London gallery & bar.

Don't worry if this seems intimidating however! You can enjoy and watch from the sides too.


London has presently become the centre of NFT driven digital art with famous auction houses like Christie's and Sotherbys getting in on the action.

The market has been in a frenzy since the now famous "Beeple," sold his prize work "Everydays," for $69m! lol. - The market is going from strength to strength too, showing no sign of slowing down since 2020. 😅


……. Fun or what? …… Honestly,- Art in the 21st century. Its a recipe for ........ being a rock star!? A budding entrepreneur? - Well we probably need to be taking some notes, - with many digital artists achieving just that, in a trending, and blockchain-driven growth market that looks set to be part of the future landscape in years to come


General Group Format

//[masked] //

  • Everyone briefly introduces themselves and provides a brief outline of what they like to do/ produce art wise.

Don’t worry if you are new. There will be other newbie's and developing artists too.

  • People are invited to work on a collaboration, or just do their own project.

(There is a colour drawing section, a digital art section (at tables, where people can bring their laptops,) and a sketching area (w/ tables & chairs.) Photographers are also invited and may choose to venture outside and calloborate for shots of the city and its vibrancy.)

  • Interval. Everyone takes a break and uses the opportunity to have a wander and look at others works. We use the opportunity to provide positive feedback, + positive suggestions that pop up.
  • Resume art session
  • Brief Showcase of work

// 7.30pm-11.30pm //

  • Casual Pub Hang Out (@ the art bar’s venue where the work has so far been produced.) Artists kick back, socialise and have a few drinks while their works are on display for the evening.

Free Meditation in the City (Free meditation + Bar and coffee Hangout after.)

The Pavilion, 200 Aldersgate Street

Hi join us at this free meditation event, where we meditate, - and then spend a little time reviewing the images that came to us during the comfortable, - restful moments!

Event format:

  1. Grab a coffee & pastry as we introduce ourselves
  2. Twenty mins meditation
  3. Ten mins Writing down/recording images that "popped up" during that period

.....2) During the moments of meditation you were especially quiet, an interesting process occurs, (- similar to sleep,) where the mind produces its own imagery. It's nothing unusual, - just the same experience as dreaming or having a bit of reverie in the day.

Thoughts and images that come to us, (rather than the ones we consciously seek,) - are a natural mechanism of the mind, and were of particular interest to Psychologists at the turn of the 20th century, who devised the "word association test," (which features in the James Bond movie Skyfall) to try and get the mind to produce its own un-meditated answers to a variety of questions.

It has also been a hot topic in the art world during the 20th century, with Surrealists, Cubists and Abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock all trying to tap into behaviour, techniques and methods that could allow the unconscious to pass directly through to their works. (- e.g. Jackson Pollocks "drip technique.")
3) Interpreting the images and thoughts that popped up!

This basically means going on google and finding out the symbolic meaning of the images that "pop up."
(Here, we just type in the image/feeling that popped up - e.g. feeling of falling, - being chased/ mountains/ horizons (which are all common types of dreams.) After typing into google, just add "dream interpretation:"
Many websites will prompt you with information about dream interpretations, content ultimately derived from Psychoanalysis, a big academic movement in the first half of the 20th century that crossed into the art world also with Surrealism.

Write down these interpretations and learn from others experiences, - and you will soon be a star performer in interpreting the symbolic cues of the unconscious. You will also learn a lot of Jungian and Freudian analysis in the process, - an exciting bonus!

Kick back at the social, grab a cake, bite to eat or refreshments, and talk with others about your experiences. Please remember it costs the venue to keep the event running so please get something at the counter. Thanks for the support. :)

Previous dreams, the days experiences, and images you have encountered in the past, are all on the agenda, and will help you learn more about this fascinating subject!

  • Extra Background Info (not necessary to read but interesting!)

The information regarding dream interpretation in its modern sense is derived from 2 of the founding fathers of Psychology, Jung and Freud and the movement of "Psychoanalysis" that developed at the turn of the 20th century.

Between them Jung and Freud authored in excess of 20 books on Dreams, which they believed were symbolic communications from the unconscious, prompting us with the messages and cue's to assist our survival & coping in the world, as adaptive, biological organisms.

Freud in particular takes a strong Darwinian outlook of the phenomena, and his theories about unconscious function are pegged to the survival dynamics of human experience.

Jung, who is heavily influenced by the history of Philosophy, has a more expansive view on the motivations of the unconscious, and leaves the door ajar for speculation on spiritual/mystical interpretation of the human mind & function.

He maintains a neutral position in his work however and like Freud, operates within the framework of evolutionary biology. He is happy to concede that his own views on the knowledge/information we inherit at birth, (Archetypes in Jung's terms) are likely to be genetic, rather than from a past life. (lol!)

(Socrates, & other Ancient Greek's believed built in knowledge must be inherited from a past life, - lacking a point of reference for evolutionary theory & genetics. Jung brings back the idea of archetypes from ancient Greece, but is happy to give it a new home - the genes. For Jung, its these archetypal, built in bits of knowledge, which mediate decision making at the unconscious level & consequently, its the archetypes that affect what bits of knowledge pop up, or surface, into experience through the day.

And this would apply to the images we have from dreams, - and when meditating!

His theory is about the driving forces that lay at the base of the mind, that bring forward information into conscious awareness.)

The important take away, is that you can get a lot of value out of the process, whether you are an atheistic or open minded. I like to remain on the fence myself lol!

Look forward to a fun event!

Conversations and coffee ☕️

Needs a location

A regular MeetUp in Barbican to get together, chat and meet new people. Let’s make new friendships in London.

Every week we will meet up in Barbican to meet new people over a hot drink and nibbles. Feel free to discuss anything you like there is no set agenda or plan.

This is an open space for all - Everyone is welcome to attend.

We will meet at the Pavilion cafe which is a new independently owned cafe just across the road from the museum of London in Barbican. The Pavilion serves specialty coffee, tea, cakes and charcuterie boards. A great place to relax with a hot drink and some light snacks.

The Pavilion, 200 Aldersgate street, EC1A 4HD