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London Atheist Activist Group (LAAGers!) is UK's LARGEST ATHEIST meetup COMMUNITY, & is really about CRITICAL THINKING as a whole. Non-theists of any description or location welcome to join. 'Agnostics', deists & religious doubters also welcome. (We do have a few believers as members - we're happy to engage in sincere dialogue with (almost!) anyone (not EDL etc), as long as your faith position is declared upon joining, & honest and civil debate takes place). Anyone globally can join (lively discussions online everyday), & events incl. talks, activities & socials if you're living, working in or visiting London. We remain a censorship-free zone, as always.


"Thanks for doing what you're doing. Together we can make significant progress toward eradicating the faith virus". Peter Bohossian, Philosopher & author of "Manual for creating atheists"

"This (stopping State funding for creationist nurseries) wouldn't have happened without LAAG" Jonny Scaramanga, activist.

COMMUNITY: Atheism gets a bad press, so if you're nervous about what it'd be like to join, click here & reviews will reassure you! ( You'll get a warm welcome from an inclusive, friendly, fun & constructive community, of all ages/ backgrounds.


BEING ABOUT SERIOUS ISSUES DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN UPTIGHT! Enjoy yourself, meet people, have a laugh. We're about PEACEFUL PROMOTION & CELEBRATION OF REASON. If you want to be active, that's great, but you'll make a difference just by joining, as larger numbers mean we can speak up on issues such as ...

'Holy' book' excuses don't stop bigotry being bigotry...




Faith = professing to know what you don't. The modern equivalent of looking at chicken entrails for answers. Hardly something to brag about! It's a vice and a 'virus' that we want to immunise against, with critical thinking.


UK Meetup's BUSIEST webforum - Daily discussions (serious & humorous!). (Many non-London & overseas members too)

Frequent & varied events in Central & West London; debates, talks ranging from social issues to science, lectures, friendly pub meetups, exhibitions, picnics speech is never censored or hindered (we recognise the difference between being against ideas or people!). CELEBRATIONS are also an important feature of the group.

We explore serious issues (but embrace an unashamedly playful side, too) Our maxim: Humour often reaches where lectures don’t!

Open debate - no censoring! Anywhere, forums, events. We're against censoring in any form for adults. Expect civil (no personal comments), friendly, AND frank.

A peaceful activist platform (for those who want it - no pressure). We don't advocate 'forcing' atheism (it's an inevitable conclusion of thinking critically anyway!), we just want people to be ALLOWED to think for themselves, especially children. No violence/aggression, obviously, but no need for timidity either. Reason, critical thinking & egalitarianism are values to be promoted & celebrated - & we're confident, forthright and committed. We don't accept the term 'militant' - no militia is ever involved ;-) ...besides, atheism cures religious terrorism ;-)),

We facilitate & support (NO 'IMPOSING'!) doing *something* - whatever is right for YOU, your circumstances, disposition etc ...even if it's 'just' silent membership, or social only. Just by joining the group, you're already an activist because you add to our weight to speak for those who can't help themselves, so thank you.

OTHER GROUPS/ORGANISATIONS we support, details of organisers' team: LINK. (

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