What we're about

The group "London Awareness Meetup" is a platform to step out of working in isolation and it allows to show up as your SELF.

The main objective is to assist an efficient growth of the being that longs to live fully and is the core of every person.

Awareness is essential to initiate a change, it is honoring the inner wisdom of the being we are. To share the experience of the challenges we face is a powerful opportunity to open the door to allow ourselves to move and be more who we truly are.

The intention of the meetings is to rise awareness in our individual, as well as in our shared lives. This can be helpful to learn a peaceful way to integrate elements of our lives which may often appear as negative. Our meetings are for everyone with the desire to make peace with some of the own inner aspects.

Topics of the meetings are related to our daily life. We use highly effective techniques in order to make extraordinary changes

In summer we meet in nature, in open space with the intention to experience the freedom we are looking for.

The meetings can be very helpful for people who want to break out of a situation that appears to be set. Maybe you know the feeling of being stuck in some way, with a knowing that this can't be it! You know you are capable of something different, but situations in life may seem to be repeating over and over.

Join us in a warm atmosphere either inside or in one of London's beautiful parks.

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Gathering of inner strength

Statue of Physical Energy, Kensington Gardens


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