Package Deals: "Consumerism"

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“The function of the package deal is to combine into a unified concept things that are essentially different, and that function is made possible only when a nonessential characteristic is employed to define the concept.” Peter Schwartz, Integration by Essentials

In this series of meetups we examine the logical fallacy of package deals. Each discussion covers a different package deal that has gained such widespread acceptance so as to alter the meaning of the concept in most people’s minds, a fact that is reflected in public discourse. Language is primarily a tool of cognition, and package deals are therefore used to distort not only the way we communicate, but the way we think.

"No “anti-concept” launched by the “liberals” goes so far so crudely as the [conservatives’] tag “consumerism.” It implies loudly and clearly that the status of “consumer” is separate from and superior to the status of “producer”; it suggests a social system dedicated to the service of a new aristocracy which is distinguished by the ability to “consume” and vested with a special claim on the caste of serfs marked by the ability to produce." Ayn Rand, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal