"The Is-Ought Gap"

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"It is only an ultimate goal, and end in itself, that makes the existence of values possible. Metaphysically, life is the only phenomenon that is an end in itself: a value gained and kept by a constant process of action. Epistemologically, the concept of “value” is genetically dependent upon and derived from the antecedent concept of “life.” To speak of “value” as apart from “life” is worse than a contradiction in terms. “It is only the concept of ‘Life’ that makes the concept of ‘Value’ possible.” Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics

Since David Hume first argued that connections can't be made between descriptive and prescriptive statements, philosophers have, for the most part, been in agreement that values cannot be derived from facts. Ayn Rand disagreed with this view, and instead argued that in order for them to be compatible with human nature, moral principles need to have a foundation in reality.

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