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New LBCN Website Launched and Lit! - Spread the word and Join the forum
Hey Ladies, This website is so litttt, you need to see it and as it was created in house (courtesy of Timi in our team), it is completely free to join. Visit and feel free to browse and register. It will be easier to cater for the needs of the group via our own website as we can keep track of active members and really propell ourselves forward to have an epic 2019 with exclusive limited attendee events. You will also receive a free membership which will entitle you to discuss under the various categories in our forums! The forum categories vary from general day to day discussions, to rants and banter or even your love life, planning holidays & many more. We are also compiling a database to generate a business directory as we genuinely want to find a link up as many connections as possible. This is optional and by doing so you accept it is compliant with GDPR. We are still striving to be a global powerhouse of black women and it's small steps like this that really make a difference toward us ALL WINNING! Get your friends and family to have a look and join, there are no age limit or location restrictions; I hope to see you all at an event soon! Any queries, give me a shout. :)

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What we're about

Have you gotten to that point where your friendship circle is reducing?

You hardly meet up with anyone unless you're forced to e.g. for a special occasion/ work do?

You just work, sleep, eat, repeat?

This group is for black females living in London / Greater London and surrounding counties who would like to meet up to network and just enjoy each others company doing various things from eating out and having drinks to career development to discussing life in general. Ultimately the aim of the group is to encourage sustainable friendships to happen whilst having fun!

A vast majority of our members are self-made entrepreneurs/ CEO's in the making, please exploit the group, use your passions, talents and skills...after all we are all consumers?

We are here to fully support and offer our platform in any shape or form to do so as we aim to become a large powerhouse of successful black women.

Currently our core age range is from 20-40 but all other ages are absolutely welcome!
London is a small but saturated town;
We believe that when women unite and join forces (Especially black women) together, GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN! Enough talking about it and lets just do it!!!

We have simplified to 3 x simple rules:

1) No bullying / unnecessary drama

2) 3 x no shows and we will have no choice but to remove you from the group. Meetup have given us the facility to monitor no shows so this will be accurate. It will be your responsibility to update your RSVP prior to the event commencing or enough notice given (if we request so).

3) Finally, try to stay active within the group (we know life can get in the way), have fun and stay lit!

For those that want to remain as active as possible and really want to stay in touch with one another, you can join our website here: where you can join for FREE (courtesy of Timi A in our LBCN Team) and interact via our fabulous forum and message each other.

The website will always mirror the Meetup events and vice versa.
If you suggest an event and it is deemed appropriate we will be happy to promote/ co-organise across all our social media platforms.

Our social media handles are:

Twitter: @londonblackchix

Instagram: @londonblackchicks

Facebook: London Black Chicks Network

See you at future event xx

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