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Our next event on "Putting currency back in cryptocurrencies" will be held on Wednesday 28th March at 6.30pm. We're really looking forward to inviting you back to our amazing venue: Rise London. Remember to follow us on twitter for more info: http://www.twitter.com/ethmeetup

You can also join our telegram group using the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/HTS_80rq0OJkv2-biYI9Qg


Arc Reserve Currency, our keynote speakers are sponsoring the bar!

As always, Rise London http://www.thinkrise.com have very kindly sponsored us to use their amazing event space in Shoreditch and we will be hosting the next few events over the coming months there.


Shyaam Namas, Head of Sales, Strategy and Partnerships
Arc Reserve Currency - https://www.arccy.org/

The concept of stablecoins is not new (See Vitalik Buterin's blog on 'The Search for a Stable Cryptocurency') and we at Arc Reserve Currency believe that stablecoins have an important role to play in the adoption of cryptocurrency more widely in society and also to help induce stability and confidence in a market that is dominated by 'volatility and speculation'. For a cryptocurrency to act as a meaningful and genuine alternative for national currency in everyday life, it needs to be stable. There are many versions of a stablecoin (programmatic, asset-backed, crypto-backed etc). There are different merits and weaknesses of each approach, as they all strive to be a store of value, unit of measure and a medium of exchange – whilst adhering to the core principals of DLT: trustless-ness, decentralisation, accessible ownership etc. About Arc Reserve Currency (AAA): Arc Reserve Currency (AAA) is a stable coin with the primary purpose of acting as an effective store of value and unit of measure: stable in real terms, appreciating in nominal terms. AAA is backed by a basket of fiat currencies (top 6 traded), allocated into cash and fixed income.

Maya Kumar - Country Manager, UK & Ireland at Luno - digital currency wallet and exchange
Jean, Founder and Director at Zeno Block Capital


We have a few microslots available! Please contact me if you'd like 5 minutes to talk about your company, project or something else of interest to our group.


6.30 - Arrive, sign in and grab a free drink! You'll need to use the Rise registration system on the iPads on the left as you walk in (we're looking at a way to pre-register you for our future events).
7.00 - Introductions
7.05 - Messages from our sponsors
7.15 - Shyaam Namas, Head of Sales, Strategy and Partnerships
7.45 - Micro slots and Q+A
8.15 - Drinks and networking


Our next event will be taking place on Wednesday, 2nd May and the topic will be "Decentralised Lending".


If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring our events then please reach out or speak to us on the night!

This event is a community run event and is not connected or related to any organisation. The London Ethereum Meetup, its members and sponsors do not endorse any companies or products and nothing here or at the event provides any form of investment advice.